Is anyone else having trouble with Time Stops?

I’m playing the Challenge Event, last stage, Legendary… and I fire off a Time Stop and then a couple of other toys, make my tile move, and WHAM. They start attacking immediately.

No three turn pause at all.

So, I do it again to make sure my mind isn’t playing tricks on me.

Again, WHAM. Red Hood fires off her special.

Is there something I don’t know?

If your move resulted in many tiles hitting them and filling their mana (from 0% to 100%) then it’s not a bug. The normal attack is still delayed even if they used their special attack.

Exactly, timestops don’t stop specials to fire

I had no problems. Don’t remember capabilitues to comment further. gl

I used dragon attack, meteorites and axes all 5x in last round + had time stop. I throw all items on them and then I stoped thier mana with time stop and finnishing them one by one. First time I tried it only with time stop and mana bottles and I failed.

I seem to be having the same issue.
I thought specials were stopped as well. I’m pretty sure, even after their specials, they continued hitting.

I wasted 3-4 of them on the last stage.

P.S. - It doesn’t mention specials in the item description, so they (IMO) should be stopped, too.

Yes, I have noticed when I use Time Stop that the enemy immediately attacks me and kills me. This is a regular attack and not a mana filled attack. Isn’t that what Time Stop is supposed to do??? Stop regular attacks for 3 rounds? It is definitely not doing it on my game. What’s up with this?

only attacks are stopped, not specials.