Is anyone discussing getting raided while online?

Several people in my alliance are complaining that the are being attacked while online. Is this still a thing?

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You can be attacked while online if it’s an revenge attack and you’re currently in top 100 globally. There are also buffered messages from server that are shown with some sort of delay.


Sorry not a geek, what Can I do about server? Does it have a significance to me?

Or are you referring to message that the player is online?

Sorry, not a native speaker :wink: Sometimes you get message about being raided a while after you log on.

Other than the top 100 thing, there are a few other ways this can legitimately happen.

  1. Player was attacking you when you logged in, and completed the attack sometime later.
  2. Combined with #1, if you are in certain screens you will not be notified of the raid. So if you are farming for example, until you return to your base you will not see the message. This means you could have been online for a long time, before you see the message.
  3. If you were selected by the game as one of the defenders of a Season 1 outpost. Typically this will be low TP defenses…

Hi , my question is how am I getting raided while I’m online playing and by 2 players at the same time ??, (very frustrating) , and to add icing to the cupcake,in the last 12 hrs I have been raided 30 x. (ugghh), is there an issue ??

Hi, I understand about being in the top 100 globally , but I’m not, so I’m confused, thanks anyway

How long have you been online? Raid duration is maximum 10 minutes. If you are raided shortly before coming online, their raid will be over after you are online so you will get notification of raided while already online. But it won’t be more than 10 minutes after you are online.


Hi, I’ve been on for about 30 minutes, doing farming, quests, and lvling up , then when I get back on base, I’m raided again. smh

I apologize, I meant to say thank you for the info as well

You will not get raid notification on farming screens, nor on raid screens. But you will on your base screen. So any notification of a raid will wait until you get back there.


Could be a boss at the end of a Provence?

Damn! You have plenty of revenge runs to choose from… Unless I climb above 2600 I don’t get raided almost at all.

That’s plain normal. I’ve been hit by 10 to 15 players in a couple of minutes time frame, when above 2800 cups, more than once, dropping hundreds of cups in minutes.

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