Is anti healing special from sand heroes useful in raids/wars/events?

I have Rana, Jabbar, Hisan and Arman, so i can fit in one of these. All of the sand heroes give the next 2 turns -100 (50 and 75 also possible) health cure. (this has made me loose some big flasks… huh? what the f… no healing? Another flask… etc.

My question: This anti healing: is it useful to have a hero added to team when opponent has 2 or more healers? It can’t be dispelled, so it must make live easier?

I myself like to add Rana, Jabbar or Hisan (probably strongest 3star now?) to a raid team and for events against a healing level. What are your thoughts about the sand heroes for this reason?

So first fire the sand heroe and next to turns fire your other heroes which can’t be healed by the healers? Maybe 2 sand heroes that fire in 2 turns after each other companied with some big hitters?

Please your thoughts :smiley:

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In my opinion absolutely. The skill mix is awesome and helpful

Yes. It is fantastic.

Perfect for raids. Heroes cannot heal and the skill of the healer is activated automatically when full :smirk:

Definitely useful in raids, since so many defenses run at least one healer. Fire one right before a healer goes off to negate most of their effect, or put the breaks on a heal over time like Alberich, Ares, Guinevere, or Aeron. Fire Rana at an Ares tank right after he casts and you’ll deal more damage than he heals.

Now Perseus feels lacking :disappointed_relieved:

Do the sand heroes even prevent the healing boost for the enemy in alliance wars?

I have Gafer. Still far from leveling up but he’s my only 4 star purple. I’ve been using two blues on my my team for six months waiting for a purple. My team power is 3400 but I decided to try him, even though it dropped my power by 200 points. His first raid he only got to hit once but he was awesome. He was weaker against the titan. I’m not going to take him to war until he’s stronger though.

For defence its not good. For attack… i would rather kill enemy hero then stop his healing :wink:

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