Is amount of trophies correct?

Hi, please have a look at the images and tell me is this correct? Only 12 points for killing guy 3 times stronger than I and -49 for loosing?

Raids it does not matter what team you beat but what rank the other has.
When they have more cups than you do, you gain more cups.
When they have less cupst than you do, you win less cups…
When they have almost the same cups, you win around 30.


What about combining 3 factors, higher dmg, player level and trophies for example, this will be more fair.

Does not work because defensive team is static and offensive team is flexible

It is fair, in that the rules are the same for everyone. It is frustrating at times (thank goodness for the reroll button) but ultimately it teaches you a lot about the different skills available on different heroes, which affect the outcome more than team strength does. Learning what skills work well together or against each other is a big part of why I enjoy this game.

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