Is Aegir a good tank? Or is the gramawaker a better tank?

GM or Aegir for a good tank? My team is GM, Marjana, Khiona, Vivica.

GM is a better tank overall. That being said, GM is very good anywhere on a defensive team, while Aegir is only good as a tank. Especially with two red 5*s it’s better to run a blue tank to punish opponents who stack green heroes. Therefore I’d use Marjana - Khiona - Aegir - GM - ‘other’ as your defensive team.


Yes, i Second that. Go with marjana, khiona, aegir, grave, another 5*

Çok mantıklı teşekkürler

I have 2 Aegir and 2 khionas. Should I put in Aegiri or Khionayi?

A second Khiona is better than a second Aegir, but I’d rather use a green or yellow hero if possible.

Vivica var. Ne dersin o nasıl ?

Vivica would be great

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O zaman onu kullanırım. Teşekkürler :wink:

Rica ederim

20 chara

Put no healer near aegir. They will die faster than :slight_smile: Aegirin direk yanına healer koyma. Cok kolay öldürürler.

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He got vivica as a healer. I’m gonna put him in