Is a rainbow defense team necessary?

I ask that in the sense that using a second hero of one color may be better.

There are two members of my alliance with rainbow defense teams. One has Grimm while the other has LJ, but both have Tibs at the same levels as the hero to be replaced.

Am I not wrong in saying Tibs has a stronger defense than either, and on defense his faster speed makes him better there regardless LJ’s mana special?

The sticking point really comes down to whether or not rainbow is necessary for a defense team. I thought no, but looking for second opinion.

Sorry for kinda scattered question.

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Rainbow is less vulnerable, but the skills & levels might matter more.
If you put two heroes of the same color, the attacker could use two heroes of the strong color and that will improve their chances (if they have multiple good heroes to choose from…).

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The strength and skills of your heroes matter far more than their element. I routinely run an defense missing purple and have no trouble holding at about 2500 cups (Alberich, Magni, Are, Musashi, Marjana).

Two thoughts about unbalanced defenses:

  1. The center takes the most hits, so people often double the strong color against the center, E.g., against an Isarnia (blue) center, a double green offense is popular. What if you then double red on her flanks? They are strong against that doubled green, and so balance the defense.
  2. With Holy and Dark, they are each other’s weakness. Suppose you ran a solid yellow team. First, the attacker is unlikely to have 5 good Dark heroes. Second, even if she did, they would be weak to all the yellow attacks. At a smaller scale, doubling yellow or purple on defense doesn’t as clearly invite counter-doubling on offense.

Bottom line: put together a team with a good balance of skills that you’ve trained thoroughly. Try it out; if you lose a lot of raids on defense, try something else,


Short answer is no, then.

Any thoughts on Tibs vs Grimm/LJ as a defender?

Very well said Kerridoc!

Off course not, it really depends on your heroes.
A rainbow team is “a safe bet” where you put diversity and don’t give any color an advantage.

But personally my ideal defence team has only 3 colors.

Depends on the rest of the team, but I’d give the edge to Tibertus. I love Grimm on offense, but he’s relatively weak in the defense department. Likewise, LJ is great if he fires, but as a low-HP slow mana defender, the offense has a lot of time to burn him down.

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@Kerridoc sorry to continue on a old story. But I know I can count on great advice from you. Was thinking about changing my defense team. I always go with rainbow but after getting some new hero’s… was thinking about making a all green and blue team… would love your input. Athena, Mother North, Frida ,Evelyn, Ariel… just thought it would be cool to try out. With the elemental link and all.

That would be a fun offensive team, but color-stacking defenses that way is asking to get beat up. I’d bring, say, Evelyn, Zeline, Lianna, Mitsuko and Zimkitha—a 3/2 defense supports a 3/2 offense beautifully, because i get strong-color benefits on my tiles, but you don’t on your slash attacks.

Rainbow defense, or a paired-off-the-tank approach (e.g. x-P-Y-P-x or x-Y-P-Y-x such as Alberich - Kageburado - Guinevere- Victor- Gravemaker) makes it much more challenging to pick an optimal attack stack.


I’d say, that one should never use more than two of the same element on defense and never side by side, even if elemental link seems to advance it. The strong stack against this color always has better advantages.

Same element on wings or flanking the opposite colored tank will work well. 2-2-1 also works, but the single should be the tank in that case.


I run 3-color defense team and quite happy with it (Evelyn, Magni, Zimkitha, Misandra, Lianna)

This is the idea behind it:

  1. If attacker is intimidated with my red center, they will bring more blue heroes, which will deal normal damage on flanks and reduced damage on wings, and they will survive enough hits to demolish the attacker.
  2. If attacker is more intimidated with my blue flanks, they will bring more green heroes, and they will have troubles with my center.
  3. If attacker is not intimidated with anything, they will bring any other mix, and will feel the wrath of fast talented 4/80 heroes.

So far this strategy keeps me around 2600, but sometimes I get lucky and cross the 2700 line, and quickly get mauled back to 2400.


I just bring a yellow+purple team against that and not worry about weak colors


You will fall under category 3 then, with no advantage of having a strong color or disadvantage of having a weak color.

Told you I was still learning hahaha. Well I’ll be trying hopefully one day on offense.

Oh and @Kerridoc just to let you know. I went with the Kunchen and joon pair up. I have joon just about finished off and then the purple healer will be next. I recently just asked you when discussing the all lady team. Thank again for all the info… it really helps. After Kunchen I’ll be working on Ariel. I already started but she will only go to 3/70 until I get more blades.

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I keep asking myself this…

Assuming we have the best heroes with 20 emblems and 30 troops…

Is 2 same colour flanks and wings stronger for raid defense?
Fi green red blue red green

I think this would basically be better.

And in war?

I think if you all use a X-Y-Z-Y-X or at least tank with 2 same colours flanking in war it seems to me the better strategy. But is it? Or is in war all rainbow best?


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