Is a +410K Single Titan hit the highest in the game?

I hit a +410K single hit on a Titan last week and I am curious if there are any higher hits recorded? I would enjoying seeing any +300 K videos.

For those that reported my video on here for being over 10-minutes, I did not know that was a point of concern. If you look at my YouTube, a vast majority of my videos are 2 to 7 minutes. I was not aware that it was a “thing” to make 10-minute videos. My apologies if that offended a forum rule.

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I don’t think there is any forum rule like this. All the war hit videos I have shared in this forum were over 10 mins, but they never got reported. :thinking:


Idk if this is legit but I found this:

I think I’ve personally seen ~450k dmg on one hit. The Russians go hard.

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That screenshot was most likely during the time a bug caused massive damage to that particular titan (riposte). There are folks that have insane titan hit records on their profile to this day from that instance.


I’ve seen numerous videos that are over 10 min. Someone flagged it perhaps? Odd.

@Anchor think on his Web site has the highest titan hits that people have done

There was a bug when that titan appeared there people. Hitting extreme amounts.

Lmfao thats epic :astonished:

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Thanks. It was news to me. There were at least two reports made and the post was taken down.

If true, that is a shame that they did not fix those records. The in-game stats page could use some TLC IMO.

Thanks for the screen shot from the Bugs & Issues group. I am on the Mafia page and have recorded my 410K hit there. I would love to see video of the 340K hit listed there. My previous best was 325K.

Thanks again.

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This is mine on a blue titan if I could get Miki I feel like I could hit my goal of 500k didn’t have decent items on the 400k hit but with items it might have played differently u never know

I got 500k+ on a 14* just now :slight_smile:

I have seen a Titan attack exceeding 600k, and it was versus a 14* one.

I now realize this is a necro-ed thread…

I’ve seen one 900k on a 14

Would you mind sharing your team and battle items? Thanks so much!

Good hit! There’s a thread around for big hits.

xxxK hit is meaningless if titan star is not mentioned.

A 300K hit on 14* titan is probably equivalent of 1.5M on a 6* titan or something like that.

It is common to see near 500k hit on 14* titans on top levels.

Not mine but a team mate’s. Single hit on a 14*, no idea if he used many/any battle items.

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1.29 mil single hit is my highest on a 14 star currently

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