Is 8.7 still the level to get nice recruits?

I’m still recruiting in 8.7. Just get 8 and only sometimes 10. And i get the idea that it isn’t as much times i get more than 8 as it was earlier…

As i’m needing recruits i’m asking you is it still 8.7 or must i switch?

edited post because it was not clear what i meant.

are you looking for recruits or feeder heros? I was a little confused.

I have been doing 6.8 for recruits and it usually gives between 8-10 per 3 WE. Haven’t done 8-7 in a while so not sure how that compares.

As I understand feeder heros are tough to pin to a specific stage.

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Recruits… am trying to keep to tc 20’s busy :smiley:

I’m not getting more than 10 recruits on 8.7

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I have actually shut down my TC20 for the time being haha. Leveling up some guys faster.

I was suggested 6-8 for that very reason though. So that would be something I’d try out to see if works better for you.

I think so, too. Just another nerf. People who started the game early have already a big advantage because of heroes like Alby and Athena, but on top of that SG slows down the progress of newer players more and more. So annoying…

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I’m still using 8-7 for recruits. Haven’t found any level to compare with 8-10 recruits for 3 WE. I’ve read that 5-8 gives lots of backpacks, but I find 8-7 still superior overall, counting recruits and a smattering of other ingredients, plus the occasional root and/or dust.

I do 8.7 as well. 8-10 recruits a time.

Yes, 8-7 gives the most recruits / flag in the game. It’ll be my go-to farming level till I use up my last 700 rugged clothes for TC19 :slight_smile:

There are several places to get decent recruits, depending on how much you are focused on them and what else you want. Here’s my list; I bounce between most of them depending upon my moods.

  • 12-9: ~2.5 recruits/WE; better province for oil, noticeably more XP/food/iron, all crafting and farmable ascension items are possible. Last spot on the map with decent recruits.
  • 8-7: ~3 recruits/WE; better province for Common Herbs;
  • 7-7: ~2.7 recruits/WE; better province for string and rugged clothes; all crafting items possible
  • 6-8: ~3 recruits/WE; better province for Crude Iron. all crafting items except meteor fragments are possible here. ~One less recruit total on average for farming a full set of flags compared to 8-7.
  • 3-3: ~3 recruits/WE; better province for Leather Strips, no 3* or 4* ingredients, and lame xp/food/iron

It used to be like that. 8/9/10 recruits per run were pretty equal distributed.
Nowadays you get mostly only 8 recruits per run. 9/10 are noticeable fewer than before.

I can confirm that is not true. The average recruits per run is always exactly the middle number.
8-7 gives 8 - 10 recruits with an average of 9,0 (I have over 250 runs to prove that).
12-9 gives 9 - 11 recruits with average of 10,0.
I don’t think the devs ever change that.

I complete 4 chests a day. Normally I clean up my recruit storages first and end up with about 72 after 8 runs. But in the last days I very often ended up about 67. Really very very often.
Today I tracked it more deeply and it was more equal again. Maybe I’m wrong and it wasn’t nerfed. Maybe it was really only bad luck the last days. Maybe it was the update today. I don’t know.
But at least I’m not the only one who thought it was nerfed. In fact after second last update I had a streak of nine runs in a row with only 8 recruits each.

I disagree. I’ve been keeping stats on all my map runs, and I’m averaging exactly 3 recruits per world energy over the course of 158 attempts since I started tracking, a little over a month ago.

Edit: Those 158 runs were for level 8-7 only, to be clear. Also, I see @Pois1 said the same thing a few hours ago, so sorry for basically parroting and failing to actually add anything to the convo! =-[

… and I already admitted that I’m maybe wrong :wink:

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