Is +4% critical chance worth 250 emblems?

Guess the title says it all. It’s about bringing Marjana to +20 or using those 250 emblems for another rogue. Far as I know, critical chance only applies to tile damage, not special skills.

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4% critical means that your average damage increases by 4% at best, up to you to decide if it’s worth.

On a weak hitter like Marjana I’d say no, unless you lack options or really wanna max her.

I have Marjana with 20 nodes and with crit troop in my defense

For me personally, no. I never do 20th node for rangers and rogues, and also clerics which have 4% better healing on last node. I feel like these nodes are not worth the emblems.


Never spend resources on critical CHANCE (troops and emblems)

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My red defender(and tank) is Mitsuko+19, so Marjana ain’t gonna get a spot in the defense line, unless, by some miracle, I’ll get her costume. Still, she shares a spot on my main attack team with Joon and Magni, depending on the tank’s color.

You’re wrong. Why they are even existed then?

It’s a bit late for that, for two years I did not pull a single 4* mana troop, so my main set of troops (lvl. 24 - 27) are mostly criticals. Working on the 2nd set, mana troops (lvl 11 - 23)

Cri do only applies to tile damage but all cri are stack that mean any cri on red hero will stack and increase chance of red tile cri. However, I am usually not spend emblem in any 19th and 20th node if I have another hero who need them emblem.

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Just for being? :slight_smile: If I need to choose between -1 tile for very fast/average heroes (mana troops) or critical chance - of course I will choose -1 tile

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Yes avarage, fast, vf, slow and very slow needs a mana troop for offense

In defence it’s works too (especially with +attack % from mana troop)

Yes it works but dies faster too

Most of “elite” heroes are fast now. 99.99% of heroes in defence use their special skill before you and kill your entire team with 1-2 hits :slight_smile: Especially with mana troops

I also think mana troops > crit troops, but that’s not the point of the thread. What matters is is node 20 worth for Marjana?


Critical chance work only for damage from tiles (not special skill). Maybe matters on titans, but for me it’s nothing.

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I’m also leaning towards giving the emblems to Domitia, she’s +11 now so, would go straight to + 16, close to 17 with the emblems I have available. Trouble is, I don’t really use Domitia except on the last war hit from time to time…


In defense, they also hit normally

In defence they have +20% to attack by default. +% to attack from troops…

I’d take that bonus. Fast don’t need even a mana troop for offense and there are other troops witch gives also a crit bonus

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