Well I did not give the titan as much thought as you’re giving me credit for :laughing:.

I will typically swing at any 8* and leave the 9’s as we collectively said that is too much of a stretch as a group. I also won’t ever tell you not to kill one before I can swing, etc. Kill it when you kill it. If I miss it, I miss it.

As I have mentioned I have a time constraint on my daily play time. I just made a choice to focus on the emblem quests, gem quest, and some raids. Tomorrow I am jumping on this new ninja tower thing. I figured since I joined I have basically been stealing A’s from someone who used to get them in the group, so I was taking a break to focus on some other parts of the game and hopefully let some others in the group get better loot with a higher grade on a higher titan.

Nothing else going on beyond that. I will swing on them again soon, all good. If that’s not cool anymore then let me know.


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Oh no worries at all man! I just thought that maybe you saw it and thought it wasn’t worth to hit it because you didn’t know if we were going for it, etc. etc. etc.

You are of course free to ignore titans if you don’t have time. I just wanted to make sure that was intentional on your part. :wink:

EDIT: if you ever do want us to hold off on killing it until you have time, just post something in alliance chat.

I absolutely wasn’t upset at you, I was feeling bad that we were killing it without you getting any credit and thinking “damn, maybe we should have held off and let Muchacho get a hit in?”

You are always free to play however you want to play. Wars are the only area where I expect full participation once opted in, because missing war hits is directly hurting your fellow soldiers.

When it comes to titans, I don’t like killing them super fast, I want everyone to have a chance to hit it first. Especially with Path of Valor and such… I don’t want to kill any titan before everyone has had a chance to hit it first.

If you have no interest in hitting it, that’s a different story. :wink:

EDIT #2: so then going forward @Muchacho (tagging you), you don’t expect us to wait for you when it comes to killing titans? You are okay with us just outright slaughtering them before you show up? We are not to wait on you or save any slice of the pie for you at all, correct? We can just eat the whole pie for ourselves?

We are absolutely okay with that as long as you are as well. :+1:

Balthazar in a wig. Luckily I was a fan of riposte, even single hero coverage, so old Wiggy got the tabbards and I had fun using him. Lol


this 100% for me too @TGW

plenty of threads like this one to post in and get good convos/reactions!

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I just used Okaban in the Tower… you use what you get! ( I am c2p)


1000% yes. Totally fine.

This times a million! :+1:


Okay. Just wanted to make sure! Because sometimes people get salty when the alliance kills the titan before they have time to hit it. And I like to make sure that everyone gets a chance to swing at it whenever possible (within reason). Especially now that killing titans is a PoV requirement.

I still have and use my maxed Obakan. But only for the tile damage and the riposte that allows him to occasionally take opponent heroes down with him when he dies.

His special just doesn’t make sense for a 5* hero. In order to meet what I would consider to be 5* hero standards, his riposte would have to also apply to nearby heroes. Single hero riposte might make sense as a special skill on a 3* hero… but a 5*? When there are 5* heroes out there that heal the entire team while casting minions and reviving dead heroes and putting up shields, etc., all in one turn? Let’s just be honest, even if Obi was a 4* hero, he would still be somewhat underwhelming for his level.

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While I agree with your summary of Obakan, I was very much in the “beggars can’t be choosers” box when it came to my heros. So I maxed every card I managed to pull.

Every single one, in turn, as they popped out. And yes, that included Thorne :slightly_smiling_face:

They were my cards and, perhaps naively, I considered each one had a role to play in the game.

“Yeah, as feeders!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:” chime the players who had/have better luck than I did at summons.

My roster wasn’t the best when compared to many others, but it served me well enough. I won’t bore you with my resumé, but for a brief time I flew somewhere towards the highest levels, and all with what thousands of players would regard, at best, as sub prime heros.

After all, isn’t “git gooder”, or something like that, the Empires mantra? Scaling my way to the top with crap cards is a small feather in my cap.

In my own humble opinion, of course. Lol


I just started this to see if it gets some momentum:

Same reason I liked @PM229 admitting to using Obakan.



As am I. Which is why I still have my maxed Obakan to this day and have zero intentions of getting rid of him.

Though I also have zero intentions of giving him 20 emblems anytime soon. :laughing:

He was my very first 5* hero pull ever in this game, after about 6 months of playing. It was shortly after I had joined the forum. I came here to read about him and…

immediately went from being excited and happy about finally pulling my first 5* hero, to hating him and my entire roster.

Thanks forum! :+1: :rofl:

Really didn’t want to give him the tabards. Held off for a while, hoping to pull another better 5* purple. Eventually I caved and gave them to him, after several months of waiting for a better hero to come along.

I do not hate him, at all. I mostly just think that a hero of his stature should at least riposte himself + nearby heroes? Solo riposte is more like something I’d expect from a 3* hero. Though these days, I half expect the new 3* heroes to riposte damage for the whole team while also healing everyone and popping up 1000 minions and reviving themselves every 30 seconds… :roll_eyes:

Compared to Obakan who just takes a mild swipe at a few opponents, then sits there waiting to get killed, his only last dying wish being to maybe take someone else down with him.

5* heroes deserve better skills than that. Even the most vanilla 5* heroes deserve a better death than that.

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Every time I summons from a place Lianna might emerge, resplendent, I whisper, “Lianna???”

A flash of green. Beren. Melendor. Friar Tuck. Where is she? Was it something I said?

You have Lianna? Tell her I am waiting with tea & cake

:tea: :cake: :bouquet: :telescope:

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I do have Lianna, yes. First green 5* I pulled from TC20.

And yes - she is awesome.

She only does the one thing, of course… sniping. But she does it very, very well. :grin:

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