Ok. So you don’t have Telly or vela… or guin or Alasie… or level 29 troops or hero academy built…

So the F what.

Are you having fun?
Do you like the people you’re playing with?
Do you use all your war flags?

If you can answer yes to these three questions, then you’re not irrelevant.

I say this to you bc I know you (somewhat). And you know this game. You can’t compare your success to the successes of others. It’ll drive you crazy and suck the fun out of it. Just do your thing. And keep the memes coming. :hugs::hugs:


Oof. I wish that I would have left that unread.

Chin up. Call a friend/family member/therapist/pet a puppy. At the very least, watch puppy videos. Then realize that we will never “catch up” in this game.

Try and stay well.


Maybe not irrelevant in the game, or in life necessarily (though in both, I’m just a mid tier actor on the world’s stage). Just irrelevant on the forum.

I know it sounds like a pity thread. I’m not asking anyone to take pity on me. I guess I’m just wishing there were more regular posters who were in the same boat that I am, so that I’d actually have something worthwhile to say.

Right now, I want to talk about how the war matchmaking keeps screwing over my alliance of mixed level players by pitting us against all high level players. But war matchmaking is not the hot topic, because I’m guessing most of you are not repeatedly getting shafted there. Hot topic right now is nerfs, new META after nerfs (what do without our precious Telly Velas? Which other preciouses can we use in their place?).

I wish I had something to say on those subjects. I really wish I did. I really wish I could tell someone, “okay, your Telluria has been nerfed, you should use X hero instead”… and be able to have a discussion about that from a position of actually knowing what the hell I’m talking about.

But given my limited roster and limited knowledge… if someone were to ask me, “my Telluria is trash! Can you recommend a good green hero?”

About all I could say is… “ummm my Lianna is pretty good?”

“But I wouldn’t recommend using her as tank. She’s kinda squishy.”



Ok first of all, I hope you are well.
Next, you are not and never will be irrelevant.
No one is ever irrelevant irrespective of how they consider themselves or feel about themselves. Everyone matters in this world.
And certainly no one should ever feel that way because of their participation in a GAME.
The game is here for you to have fun and escape reality to a certain extent.
If you can’t tick those boxes then I personally would give up this game and try something else.
With regards to this hero or that hero - what the hell, who cares and long as you are enjoying the game. My grandson used to cry because he didn’t always get a 5* every pull, and didn’t get every HOTM and didn’t always win a war battle. But he was 7 at the time. And he soon learnt that you can’t win everything and be the best every time. He adapted well and still plays “just for fun” two years later. But he is saving his money for FIFA 20 … lol
And honestly, please, I know you get “upset” (for want of a better word) about your stuff in the forum. But if it was me and the forum made me feel that way, I just wouldn’t come in here.
Please keep your chin up, and if you feel down then have some support mechanisms in place to help.
I sincerely hope you are ok. Take care


Have you thought about applying for beta?


I heard @Sarah2 say this is the thread for venting:

Talk to me bro… I want to hear about this…I’ll even think about putting on pants to be attentive.


In meme there’s truth.
In meme, there’s knowledge.
In meme, we trust.

Long live meme :raised_hands:


Am I okay? Overall yes. As good as I can be given the state of the world today, at least.

Real life is annoying the crap out of me. I won’t deny that. But there’s also nothing I can do about that. And I don’t need therapy or anything like that, you can try to coat a turd in sugar all you want, it’s still going to be a turd.

And don’t worry, I’m not on the verge of doing something awful or anything like that.

Just sadly lamenting things. Once upon a time, this forum was a place of “refuge” for me, a place to come to complain about the game when I was out of flags, and other people would say “I know, right?” and we’d post jokes about it and have a good laugh.

So many of those people are gone now. :frowning_face:

It’s not a bad thing that the forum has turned into mostly information about newest heroes. That’s what it was always meant to be anyway I guess. Just that… since the last “new” hero I was able to pull was Noor…? Aside from the occasional strange 3* Valhalla hero whose names I can’t recall and I’ll probably never actually use…

Is there even any point in me posting here? Of course I’ll still play the game itself, because I have an alliance, but my alliance members are busy people, the main reason they joined my alliance in the first place is because I told them they did not have to play 24/7. Because I don’t want to be the kind of ■■■■■■■■ alliance leader who kicks people out of an alliance just because they had something more important to do than log on to a silly game. I post here when I myself run out of stuff to do in the silly game, or when I have a complaint/issue with the silly game, or when I want to make a joke about the silly game.

It just seems like… more and more… the forum is drifting one way and I’m drifting the other way. Even the F2P crowd! I :heart: those guys absolutely, but it’s gotten to a point to where somehow they all have heroes that I’ve never even heard of. I am doing my summons, same as everyone else. Difference is that all I’m ever pulling are 3* heroes from them. So while they’re talking about their Zeus and Thor or whatever other superhero they just pulled, I’m just… well all I can say is congratulations? Then they’re asking which one is better, and they’re getting into a long debate about the pros and cons of each, and I’m just…

Well. For lack of a better word? Irrelevant.

EDIT: @Math4lyfe they would never accept me for beta. And even if they did - I have already read all about how much they listen to their beta testers. I don’t think that would make me feel any more relevant. :laughing:

@voidstrike my alliance wars have all been ridiculously mismatched lately. Our last 5 wars: one, we were outmatched and got killed. Second, we were even more outmatched and got absolutely destroyed. Third: we ridiculously overpowered our opponents and destroyed the crap out of them (seriously, it was not even fair to the other team at all). Fourth? We got matched against another ridiculously high team that destroyed us. Last war: again, we got killed by an overpowered team.

5 bad wars. Even the one war that we did win, we won by a ridiculously absurd margin, they were no where near strong enough to be paired against us. So even the one win was a fairly ■■■■■■ way to win, IMO.


Kind of sums up my entire E&P “career”. Lol…looking back on it, the game itself used to drive me nuts.

It’s a shame you feel like your opinions don’t count on here, but they most certainly do. As do everyone else’s. However, where i think the forum has changed, and not necessarily for the better, is that is now almost one giant echo chamber.

"This card is ace/meh/garbage…: 1500 posts agree.

You get my point. Whereas there used to be a lot more to and fro of opinions, it’s now almost one way, which doesn’t help much if you are not of like mind.

Chin up @TGW…I, for one, enjoy your contributions to these threads. :slightly_smiling_face:


See, you understand what I’m saying.

The forum used to have multiple opinions. Not so much anymore?

I thought it was just me that noticed it.

EDIT: and on that note… no, I don’t expect everyone to share my point of view on everything. But once upon a time we had a bunch of people with a bunch of different opinions. A lot of them just up and left. Probably got tired of being drowned out all the time.

EDIT #2: of those that are left: it’s mostly the “top men.”




I’m not a top.
And I’m not a man.

I am, however, a huge fan of yours.


You’re tops in my book man! Hee-Haw!


As for the OP, if you’re bummed because people don’t respond to all of your many posts, understand that some could have you set to “ignore”. Your name doesn’t even show up, just a notice about a hidden post.

I’ve ignored people because I don’t want my forum experience overrun by zealous posters who feel they must chime in on every topic. I’m sure others have done the same.


Ah, and an emphatic… No! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But thanks for the tag my friend.

@TGW, you do you! In this world of billions of people, there’s only one you. So why would you want to be pigeon-holed into a round hole, when you’re a dodecahedron?!

I appreciate your many ponderings and levity you add to some very serious threads. Who cares you don’t have the stellar heros of others, you probably have a healthy bank balance because of this.

Good luck in war. My main and alt alliances have been successful in wars and we’re always battling alliances that are stronger on paper. In fact, The Incognitos have been together a year today, so this weekend’s war, our main objective is to have fun.

We’re at war cap, so I’m expecting 4700 TP teams as the norm. But that’s OK, because we’re all in this together. We’ll celebrate the OSKs and empathise when we bounce off tanks. We can’t win them all, RNG and all that, but there will be other wars, and we’ll be stronger the next time.

Chin up my friend. Sending virtual :hugs:s and positive thoughts your way. I’m only a tag away :kissing_heart::grin:.

Extra :birthday::birthday::birthday: for you too.


Just expounding on my earlier comment about the “echo chamber” effect…nearly every topic that I’m getting shown under this thread, are players asking which card to level or tank.

Now, asking questions is normally a good thing, in my opinion, but every question receives one of two answers; either

A: Max it, it’s awesome!


B: Don’t touch it! It’s crapola :face_vomiting:

When did those become the only 2 choices? Why can’t players decide for themselves, or better yet, just learn to use what they summon, instead of yielding to the status quo?

I get the lack of 4* mats makes leveling a perilous exercise, but given the recent mass of threads regarding defence diversity, the fact popular opinion (and that grading chart thing) leads a ton (most?) of players to have the same rosters/defences…?!

In game chat is no better…“never level that card!” is echoed from the rooftops. All this does, in my opinion again, is destroy that individual’s experience of the game…“Great, I finally get a 5* card and I’m told not to use it? Stuff this, I’m off”.

My thoughts on the echo chamber and apologies @TGW for straying off topic.


I’m a huge fan of yours! But you don’t post here like you used to.

I’m bummed on two levels. Lack of responses to me and lack of posts that I feel qualified to respond to.

I’m sure many people have set me to “ignore”.

And I’m trying not to be that zealous poster who chimes in on :poop: when I don’t know what I’m talking about. Which every day is leaving me with fewer and fewer options around here.

Hence the irrelevancy issue.

No point in me chiming in on the TellyVela stuffs, it’s really none of my business (thanks for the free emblems though, SG!) :+1:

No point in me chiming in about who should replace TellyVela because I don’t have the foggiest clue what to say there…

I cannot be pigeonholed, but I also cannot for the life of me find any active topics here where I have anything relevant to say.

My alliance is so far away from getting anywhere near cap, whatever the cap is, I’m 100% sure that we are no where near it. But I’m also 100% sure that there are better matches for my team if the matchmaking system was working “properly” (there I go again with my subjective terminologies).

I am frustrated that my team keeps losing wars, in spite of giving it our best, and I feel like it’s my fault.

I am frustrated because I think there are some on my team who want us to kill higher level titans, while there are others on my team who don’t want and absolutely know that we can’t regularly kill higher level titans.

I am frustrated because I get the feeling that some of my alliance members may be getting frustrated with me over these issues, and not coming straight out and telling me. I have always been honest and upfront with them, I want them to be the same with me. I’m not going to kick someone out just because they disagree with me. But if anyone has a problem with the way I’m running the alliance, at least give me the benefit of the doubt and at least say something??? I absolutely want to win wars and kill higher level titans just as much as anyone else in my alliance does. If someone thinks they know a “better way” for us to be able to do so, speak up! Please! Don’t leave me hanging while you whisper behind my back about what an incompetent leader I am, because if it’s going to be like that, I’ll go my own way and y’all can go to wherever else you’d rather be. I am doing the best I can here with the ■■■■■■ hand that I’ve been dealt. And I don’t mean my team, no one on my team is ■■■■■■, I mean all the other :poop:.

It’s just a game and it’s supposed to be fun, and usually it is, but sometimes it’s not. Especially not when it feels like

  • the game hates me
  • the mods hate me
  • the devs hate me
  • many people on the forum hate me
  • boards hate me
  • summoning portals hate me
  • matchmaking algorithms hate me
  • maybe my own teammates hate me

I know, conventional wisdom would tell me that at this point, I should just stop playing. At least for a while.

But I built an entire alliance… trained several people from total noobs into the glorious mid-tier platinum level players that they are today…

A leader does not simply give up when the odds are stacked against them. A captain goes down with the ship while allowing everyone else time to find their lifeboats. I built an empire from the ground up. And if it should be that it burns back to the ground, I too should be scattered amongst the ashes.

Rather dramatic way to put it, but yes, after how much I’ve devoted to my rosters, my alliance, my family… I cannot just walk away.

That is very much how it has become these days, isn’t it?

When I was lucky enough to pull Noor, the forum told me not to bother with her, she’s useless, I should feed her to Sharan.

Okay, no, I’m not getting rid of any 5* heroes, especially not unique ones, anytime soon. As it turns out, Mrs. Bird Lady has helped me do some fairly significant damage on my 6th war flags, even though she is currently stuck at 3/70 for lack of rings.

Perhaps it’s not so much that she did damage - more that she was able to keep the rest of my team alive long enough to do damage against significantly stronger opponents.

And don’t ever apologize for going “off topic” on my threads. Going off of one topic gives me a second topic to talk about. :grin:


My wife would seriously caution you about giving me free reign to bang on about all and sundry…:speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil:


Just as I’m sure my girlfriend is sick and tired of hearing me rambling on and on about countless subjects that she neither understands nor cares about… :laughing:

But I absolutely welcome that sort of nonsense in my life.

Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.

Start a discussion with me about fish that eventually veers off into other topics, you can keep my mind occupied for hours. And that’s exactly the sort of thing I miss around here.


This is not saying that it will help at all, but this is what i thought about when you wrote this.

“Just a spoon full of sugar helps the Medicine go down.” :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Your thread, your rules.

But I sort of understand why other threads try to stay somewhat within the OP, else it wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Where I get lost, is when a comment is related to the OP, if not directly referencing it, just to give some context of the “problem” a flag gets thrown, a meltdown ensues, or both


OP “My telly has been nerfed blah blah…”

Reply…(Not even off topic particularly)…“not the first time SG has nerfed a card”

OP…“This is all about ME!!! MY PAIN AND SUFFERING!!!”

R…“just giving you some historical context”

OP…throws flag…"(insert hyperbolic comment)"


The aforementioned to and fro of thoughts and opinions…RIP.


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