This is not saying that it will help at all, but this is what i thought about when you wrote this.

“Just a spoon full of sugar helps the Medicine go down.” :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Your thread, your rules.

But I sort of understand why other threads try to stay somewhat within the OP, else it wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Where I get lost, is when a comment is related to the OP, if not directly referencing it, just to give some context of the “problem” a flag gets thrown, a meltdown ensues, or both


OP “My telly has been nerfed blah blah…”

Reply…(Not even off topic particularly)…“not the first time SG has nerfed a card”

OP…“This is all about ME!!! MY PAIN AND SUFFERING!!!”

R…“just giving you some historical context”

OP…throws flag…"(insert hyperbolic comment)"


The aforementioned to and fro of thoughts and opinions…RIP.


Mmmm…sugar! Although even Mary Poppins would have a fight on her hands getting that particular “medicine” down. :anguished::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


Now that’s a classic movie right there.

Kudos to you for knowing it. :wink:

@Saphirra you always give me hope for the future of this world.

My thread, my rules, yes. The intent of this thread was to question whether or not my presence is “needed” here anymore. Was never really “needed” in the first place I suppose? Many could easily argue that it was never wanted.

Once upon a time though, the forum seemed to delve into many different topics. Everything from ice cream to ice heroes, titans, alliance expectations, noob training, worst mistakes we’ve made, greatest accomplishments we’ve had, ridiculous complaints, ridiculous bragging, discussions about what features we’d like to see implemented and which features we’d like to see eliminated, discussions about RNG, summoning odds, whether or not a gacha game fits the legal definition of “gambling”, silly counting games, silly fanfiction stories… etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum. Lots of crazy off the wall discussions that maybe started off civilly and quickly went off the rails until some mod had to come in and tell us all to behave.

Wasn’t a perfect system, but there was no lack of absurdity to get involved with in some form or another. And it gave the moderators something to do as well.

There are still a few threads like that out there, that are still half alive, somewhat, mostly on life support these days.

I keep trying to keep myself relevant around here, but forum power creep is pushing my cups lower and lower every day. And I’m not allowed to do revenge replies anymore.



I was raised on Marry Poppins, Aristocats, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang among other classics. I love 'em!!!


Didn’t we encounter each other over a counting thread? Crazy that it’s now at volume #6 - contributors are always welcome there :wink:.

You might also enjoy the alphabet thread. We’re all typically alphabetically challenged, but the contributions from regulars all over the globe make it a positive thread.

Two truly positive threads AtoZ Category - List before a mod/staff resets the list. (Letter A or mod gets to reset)

Ps. Fwiw you can not and should not blame yourself for losing back-to-back alliance wars. Unless you didn’t use all your flags? It’s the efforts of the whole team, RNG plays it part too, to determine the outcome.


I would argue your, and other voices like yours, presence are needed now more than ever. Once the forum becomes nothing but a wall of white noise complaining about or championing a new card, then that’ll be the end of forum life, for plenty of contributers I would imagine.

Coming on here to see a barrage of “which hero next?”, “what defense should I assemble?” or the ever popular “I quit and stuff you SG!”.

Pfft…boring. This platform at least offers some hope in variety from the “big 3”, but it needs help.

My thoughts on the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

And I’m fully aware I don’t have to read any of the tedious threads if I don’t want to, and mostly I don’t, but the occasional random thread is fun.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang…that had the evil child catcher in it? Jeez that character scared the hell out of little me :see_no_evil:


We did, yes. But that became too much like in-game raiding. Gobble up cups while you’re online, and as soon as you log off, Kaffy comes on and steals them all back. :laughing:

This is where I’m also having an issue. This hero, that hero, blah blah blah.

I mean, I get it. The game is hero-centric. But once you reach a certain level, and you’re not spending thousands of dollars to summon a brand new 5* hero every other day, you’ve basically got the heroes that you’ve got, and it could take upwards of several months to level them up. What to do in the meantime?

Goofy me, my idea was to come and start talking about random stuff here to pass the time. While waiting 4 hours for my next titan flag… 7 days for some research or building construction to finish… however many months until the next quest pops where I can get that last mysterious tonic I’ve been waiting forever for… etc.

If the forum is only going to be about “rate my heroes!”… then I have no reason at all to be here.


And I seriously doubt you’re the only one who feels that way.

That Empires is supposed to be a game, a welcome distraction, and (God forbid) fun, I’ve never played anything quite so serious in terms of it’s participants getting so riled up! :joy:

Have you tried the A-Z thread that @Sarah2 linked? Silliness is still alive and well on here :smile:


I’m guilty myself of taking the game too seriously at times. I get upset when I lose raids and wars, even though the root cause is usually a combination of bad boards and unfair matchups… I still want to win, I try to win, oftentimes I do win, and that feels great; losing repeatedly frustrates me, to the point that I feel compelled to vent here (which you all might think is unhealthy, but IMO it’s much healthier than throwing my phone across the room).

I also find it a tad bit ironic that the same people who accuse me of taking the game (and the forum) too seriously are the same people who have spent thousands of dollars on the game. Which one of us is taking the game too seriously, seriously? Perhaps we all are?

Why I like to post here…

I collected my iron,
I’ve filled my chests,
collected my hams
and done my quests;

I’ve hit the titan
as hard as I could,
didn’t hit as hard
as I hoped I would;

I did the war,
luckily no zeroes;
filled training camps
and leveled up my heroes;

Nothing left to do
but wait
for the next
forum debate.


Tried dabbling in the A-Z thread a few times, but kept getting letter-blocked by other posters before I could post mine. :laughing:


@TGW does your team r
all run same colored tanks??

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Lol. I play nothing more taxing than Bubble Shooter now, but even during that, the wife asks why the hell I’m swearing like a drunken sailor at a kiddies game.

I gotta finish the level, you silly old bat! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


No, we don’t, but there’s a reason for that.

Currently my warring members are everywhere from level 27 to level 68.

Say we go mono green tanks.

None of us have Tellys. Our highest level guys will probably end up fielding snipers, our mid levels will be mostly all Kashreks, our lowest levels will be a mix of Melendors and Caedmons or whoever the hell they have for green.

Or say we go with blue tanks instead.

Yeah, we’ve got some high level guys with some good blue tanks. The mid and lower level guys will all be fielding Kirils or Sonyas or whatever else they have for blue.

Mixed alliance. Mixed levels, mixed rosters. Not every player has a good tank in every color.

Some day, maybe we’ll all have Tellurias.


Okay, no, that’s never going to happen.

Our lower level mates will eventually expand their rosters, but it will be quite a while before we’re at a point to where we can all run the same color tank effectively.

LOL that’s funny :poop: right there. :+1:


I run a mixed also and it will help you guys in long run… Assorted tanks means I have at least 5 swings at the tanks I want with my 5 mono A teams, means easier pickings.

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Believe me, I understand the strategy. Most of our opponents run mono. But I’ve even taken out opponents who ran blue tanks with my mono red teams (secret: red is my strongest color).

And we already coordinate our attacks so that each color is used wisely on the offensive side.

Defensively, it wouldn’t have made any difference either way if we used mono tanks or not. That is not why we’ve been losing. Our last opponent… my team’s lowest level teams were level 27, 28, 31, 31, 33, 33, 37, 38. Opponent’s lowest level team? 41. LOL. Their lowest level player was a higher level than 8/11 of my teammates.

Only thing that will help us in the long run is if they fix their broken matchmaking.


The system works! I can post nonsense without getting a flag a someone found it amusing! :grin:

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I almost never flag anyone. Have flagged myself a few times for lulz. Have flagged mods a few times for lulz. Flagged a couple other unmentionables for unmentionable reasons, not going to go there, my flags in those cases were ignored anyway. I believe in free speech, exceptions being hate speech and harassment type stuffs.

If you do get flagged here, it wasn’t me who did it.


You can flag yourself? LMAO! I just looked at my own post and the flag option was there :thinking:. Not quite sure why that feature would even be a thing, but what do I know. :sweat_smile::joy:

Yep! That’s how I got my first flag badge, by flagging myself for being off topic.

And in retrospect, I absolutely was guilty as charged.

Glad I was able to catch and convict myself before I went on to lead a life of off topic debauchery.

Oh shoot. They let me out early for good behavior.

Well, next time I’m voting for the death penalty.


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