Iron usage

I have upgraded all my buildings and have a lot of extra iron.

I am running out of resources to forge the things that use iron (timestops, tornados mainly). I have 200ish of each dragon attack and bomb, 600ish or arrows and dragon banners.

How are people using their iron when they get to a similar position? Just looking for some ideas.


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Let it rust.

What forces you to use it?
Any constraints? :wink:


Not really and I have been letting it sit. I try to use as much as I can.

Just looking to see if there were any ideas I may have no thought about.

As far as I know there’s nothing but to craft items or to raise talents.

Maybe the new buildings will make some use of it.


kind of what I figured but worth a shot.

Convert a mine to a barracks to reduce production.

But yet.

Shame troops don’t level with iron. That would make sense with all the armour and swords an army needs.


That is an idea just to reduce it.

Would be nice if troops used iron. I just wish I had some feeders. haha

I am gonna be in the same boat soon - raising two last forges to 20 and will be out of mats soon. they need to have a sustainable iron sink. I am a quest whore, and I want to finish that collect iron V mission, and if storage is full, I cant collect any more iron and I cant progress in the mission - that is gonna bug me lol.

by the EnP lore, “feeding” heroes and troops is not actual feeding, it is rigorous training which consumes “fed” heroes/troops. well, you need food to sustain them and iron to make armor and weapons for training! I wish they made you select food and/or iron to spend on training, with like a sliding bar between 100%food/0% iron to 0%food/100%iron with options in between, with foos/iron ratio similar to production rates.


I’ll grind season 2 maps and get some resources. Then I make a bunch of arrows and axes, which come in useful for carpet bombing through some of the class quests where I’m lacking in firepower.

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Excellent idea and use of lore.


I am in the same situation …I’m low on resources to make battle items …I started storing iron in hero academy troops but cannot access the recruits when I need them for other projects as my iron storage is constantly full …so I’m utterly at a standstill …I cannot access the stored recruits …I cannot make many more items …I think they should give us options to use iron on troops or other ways to improve our hero’s


I’d be happy to trade iron for food at a 10:1 ratio.

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I would love if you could convert in the Alchemy Lab. Lack of food is the single thing holding me back in this game.

As for iron, I find HA6 is a good place to use it. I have about 500 days of troops in the queue.

Generally I will make tornadoes until I run out of crude iron, then put it in HA6. I have about 500 dragon bombs as well, so don’t need more of those.

That’s just it …I have 250 firebombs brewing atm …just to use up iron … I’m out of resources to do more tornados …timestops …and hunters lodge item …I’m having to use up items resources to keep recruits …now I can’t use academy. As I’ll can use it as a recruit store …I store food in tc 20 …but due to to much iron I cannot utilize HA

I converted one mine to my HA. Downgraded my advanced mines back to ordinary mines. I don’t collect my iron. Even when the mines are filled to capacity; they turn yellow. I only collect my watch tower.

When I want to craft weapons, I collect from 1 mine if I need more iron. Otherwise, I just let them sit there.

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