Iron usage after buildings maxed

I have been playing for almost 4 years now. I have all buildings fully upgraded. I use iron mostly for emblems now as i dont need to craft much with iron. The dood shortage is a problem most of the time and when items need food and iron to craft i dont craft much due to having t9 use food. Iron needs addressed because once you get so far what am i to do with iron when i sit maxed for days with no use for it and then we get the P.O.V. wanting us to collect iron for a daily challenge. Do you have any idea how hard it is to even dump 5k iron so i can complete the P.O.V. challenge for the day. We need another use for iron or a place we can trade it for food or even crafting items. Anything but let it sit for days. I dont have an idea in mind other than another use for iron after buildings are maxed

I also have maxed all available buildings, including the 4 Forges and the 4 Training Camps, as well as the advanced structures. Here are where my iron went:

  1. Training 3* troops at HA6 (150k iron for 150 Recruits), HA4 and HA2 (I don’t do the latter 2 but may be an option for you);

  2. Crafting Hurricanes, Dragon Attacks, Bomb Attacks, Axes, Dragon Banners, Time Stops, and Arrows from Forges;

  3. Crafting Hurricanes, Giant Harpoons, etc. from Hunter’s Lodge;

  4. Embleming heroes.

You should be able to address your surplus of iron. You can also downgrade your Advanced Mines to regular Mines, if you are up to it. But I do agree to having a new feature where players can convert iron to food and vice versa. I am always in need of food for leveling, ascending and embleming heroes, leveling troops, crafting battle items from Forges and Hunter’s Lodge, researching building functions, retraining legendaries in HA10, transmuting for alkashards in Alchemy Lab, etc.


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