Iron to troops training

I have all buildings at 20 level, and I have many iron to spend but i don’t know where. Maybe we could spend it to troops training? You always have choose… food or iron to spend.

I think its not the right place, because humans equals food in my opinion.
We need some structures or material that needs iron, that are used often

Just say it’s for weapons and armor then…

Thought this would come as an answer from you xD

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The idea of troop training is what I was looking for- so inspite of this post being about metal spending and some disagree that iron is for troops I wouldn’t say that because troops need weapons! Perhaps if troop training can be incorporated like the barracks we can swap one of the mines out when all the buildings are at 20 for a training camp for troops and researches for each color and star rank possibilities… you can spend food and iron on troops

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Use iron as currency for forge materials? I never have enough common herbs lol

Don’t worry, a new use for iron and ham is coming up at the beginning of the year.


Any legal details for non beta users yet :smiley:

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It could be split 50/50, as mentioned troops require both food and weapons/armor/equipment so from the more perspective it definitely makes sense to split the cost

I would like iron for troops.

Currently RT04, RT11-13 and RT20 let you hoard food. But there is no way to hoard iron.

If Troop Training 20 took 2 days and a lot of iron, it would let me hoard iron and collect iron. My collect iron V is stalled at 48m / 100m. While my collect food V is crawling along at 162m / 800m ( lack of 1* / 2* troops for leveling and lack of 5* healers to level).

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