Iron storage

It seems like my iron storage is not moving so I can’t level up my stronghold. I have 5 mills; 1 at level 6 (I had to get this one for my last leveling ). I have 2 on 18, 1 on 17, and I’m currently leveling my other to 18. My iron capacity says 1586k. I don’t understand, in order for me upgrade my stronghold I need 1719k. This is my 3rd leveling of my iron storage.
Please explain. Thank you.

Not moving means not getting upgreads or moving on map?

Yes, I’ve been trying to upgrade stronghold for 2 days now. It seems like my iron capacity is not moving. This is my 4 upgrade of my iron mills. And I have 5.

You need that lv6 Iron storage to be at leaat lv16 to upgrade your SH to 20
So 16 17 18 18 18
Will be enough to upgrade the SH

If by then your iron storage space still not enough I think you better report that ingame to the game support.
Follow this link

No problem, thank you

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Ok we wiil see, thank you.

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