Iron Storage?


I have a level 12 Stronghold which has unlocked more empty building “plots”, but would like to also build more Storage warehouses; however, a tad befuddled as how to do that. Presently, I have x3 Level 10 buildings. I’ve read the Google Wiki and poked around here in the player’s guide. I just haven’t seen the answer as to what is limiting how many I can have, given that both Iron and food are constantly filling. My Maximum limit(s) are falling short for Upgrade requirements. [Eventually buildings will be leveled to match the stronghold, but seems to me I just want more Warehouses than Windmills or Forges].


The next place where you get more things is SH 15.

That said SH 11 is a big level and I’m just building things up to snuff before pushing on to 15, should have 3 food storages and 4 iron storages.


You can’t just build any building you want. The game kind of does that on purpose to control what you’re able to do. I’ve found that food is used steadily while iron gets used in big chunks. Because of that iron often fills up and sits there. That’s just how it is.


Thanks all - I have 3 Iron Storage & 3 food.
How do I unlocked another Iron Warehouse?

-: My guess is that leveling up my Stronghold was expected, but as implied previously, having enough to actually build it.

If others already have 4 built before Lvl 15 SH, I’m wondering by having only x3 mines - is the reason.


Level up your stronghold


Okay, so I maxed out the 3 Iron storages while my level 13 stronghold still requires more than max capacity to upgrade. “We” all knew that I am suppose to have 4 warehouses available, so where did it go?

Remember when, the Troop barracks were introduced?

Apparently, I “Converted” my level 5 warehouse into a troop training building!
At the time, thankful it was an option and happily now have some strong supportive backup units.

SO for Wiki and User guide here, a lesson learned and not as obvious in forethought.


Convert a forge instead



Thanks for posting what you found. I’d put the issue of ‘losing’ the capacity generated by storage buildings when converted to barracks only in the Barracks section of the guide (Coppersky’s Compendium). To help make sure others catch this I will add a brief note under food and iron storage sections as well. I’ll also have Dragone post the info in appropriate places in the wiki.