Iron Storage Max Not reached

My Iron storage max reads at 2441 with 3 lvl 20 iron storages and 2 advanced iron storages one at lvl 5 and the other at level 4. . My Iron does not go above 2423. It will not go above that. Preventing me from upgrading my stronghold wich requires 2439 iron.

My iron storage numbers are the same as yours. I probably haven’t taken them to the max yet though . Are you saying that when you collect your iron that the bar doesn’t register it?

Yes it does not register it it stays at 2423K

Are you able to provide a video?

Are you sure your iron storage max does not read 2431, as that’s what I think it should be (457+457+457+523+537) with one Lvl 4 and one Lvl 5 Advanced.

2431 would be just under the threshold of 2439 you need to upgrade to SH23

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My numbers are the same as his. What he’s saying though is that even though his max storage reads 2441, the iron he’s collecting isn’t increasing from 2423. It doesnt seem to be registering the addition of more iron even though he has the storage capacity for it.

That’s why I think we need a video showing the before number and the number after he’s collected his iron.

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Oh yes sorry - it would be 2441 max because there is 10K in the stronghold I forgot to add!
So it should be enough to upgrade to SH23

Sorry - I can’t explain why it won’t go above 2423 - maybe one of the five stores isn’t quite completely full? Sorry - I think I’m talking rubbish? If its as 2423 and you try to collect more from a mine then it SHOULD go to 2441
Sorry - not very helpful

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I logged off and logged back on and it began to accumulate again. Just in case anyone else runs into the same issue on Android.

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