Iron Storage Converted To Troop Barracks Glitch


I think the developers need to fix this. If you convert an iron storage unit to a troop barracks, the game is still counting it as an iron storage unit preventing you from being able too accrue enough iron at higher levels to upgrade your stronghold. You are limited as you how many storage units you can own at each SH level and will need every iron storage unit available or you will be stuck. Only current solution is to convert the barracks back to a storage unit and pick something else for a barracks. Why? And what if I need that other converted building later?


If you need it you just convert it back again. I agree it is a bit weird solution from devs. Should have been easier to just adjust the base layout a bit to make room for one more spot where you could build barracks.


To add to what Evan stated, I’d be stunned and amazed if you needed an additional converted forge later. I really only need one, 2 is a luxury, and I never see the need for 3 personally at SH 15.

That’s the main reason everyone recommends converting that.


I use 3 Forges at lvl 17, but that’s because I’m usually in a hurry to make battle items, having not planned ahead. shrug


Sounds like a personal problem :slight_smile:

I usually just make big batches of stuff and then if I’m missing a something for a titan, I can do something else for ~5 minutes heh.


You know me so well! :grin: