Iron going missing

Yesterday, I had over 700k iron. Without building or crafting, it went down to 400k. It built back up over 600k and today is back to 400k. I haven’t started a new building and I haven’t crafted any item, and I didn’t lvl any troops. Where is my iron going?

Did you by chance use any emblems on any heroes? That also consumes a lot of iron especially for higher nodes.

On a side note, troop leveling only requires food.


What @ThePirateKing said.

Go look at your activity log. If you upgraded any talents, then you consumed iron.


Emblems on heroes use both food and Iron, it tells how much when you click on the pop-up icon at that time.

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I too have had issues with my iron and food. It’s random and is a multitude of different problems.

  1. Sometimes the icon shows full when it’s not full
  2. Sometimes when i loot food or Iron, the animation occurs but the total number does not increase.
  3. Sometimes it seems as if I previously had more than i thought, and when i look again, it’s less than it was significantly. This is causing psychological damage making me think I’m going crazy or seeing things…

I’m a troubleshooter, so I have been watching it and trying to replicate a cause and find a solution or at least document it, but since it’s random, it’s hard to do so.

Maybe I really am crazy and am only now becoming aware of it…

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