Iron for emblems


I wanted to emblem up my Boldie, used the iron packages from POV, I need 172k for embleming up and have 172k, but it’s not enough - so please write out the whole amount of iron needed and not only “172k” if it’s not 172.000, but between 172.000 and 173.000 (assuming round down). Or is the storage amount rounded up?

173k is enough then…

908 iron left after embleming :smiley:

Happened to me too…
Guess it rounds up if it’s more than 500 and round down of less tan 500…
Anyway I agree that costs shloud round up (visual thing only) if it’s 1720001 so we know for sure or if you tap on it it should show the complete nr.


Yep…the mathematical round function might be accurate from an academic point of view, but in this case it’s more misleading.

It’s the storage amount which is rounded up…

The costs are exact (I’m 99.99% sure).

Just head into your iron mine & force collect whatever is there & you should be right :smiley:

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