Iron/Food Tickets to Auto-Refill resources (Like Loot tickets)

I know small amounts of ham and iron are usually dropped as loot but to be honest… for heavy gamers like myself, it’s not enough to make a difference … a ham or iron ticket would be awesome:)

Merge to Loot Tickets Should Always be for Sale as a Regular Shop/Store Item

@zephyr1 ?

I think the title may just need to be re-adjusted as the @Jennstarr isn’t requesting loot tickets but a new item be created like:

1/2 Food ticket or Full Food ticket (Refills your food/ham by half or fully)
1/2 Iron Ticket or Full Iron ticket (Refills your metal/iron by half or fully)

I am up voting this only because an occasional ticket would be less tedious than the TC transfer process to refill your food. Only reason this is unlikely is due to the fact that refills on food & iron are available for purchase in game for gems already.

Title suggestion: New Item - Iron/Food Tickets to Auto-Refill resources (Like Loot tickets)


Ok cool changed it! Thanks! :+1:

So would that mean if I stock pile tickets I dont have wait weeks to refill my iron for production?

That’s my understanding. Similar to how you can stockpile loot tickets and then use them at Atlantis rising.

You can use a ticket and your food is refilled instead of withdrawing from TC 20 and moving recruits to TC 11 so you can get your food.

Similarly, if using builders, have a free one and you’re short on iron you pop an iron ticket and can build without waiting for your mines to generate the iron.

Since it’s like loot tickets you wouldn’t want to use them willy-nilly, but rather when you’re trying to power level or advance buildings in a timely manner

Just pointing out, did you know you can use gems to fill your resources? It may not be the answer you want, but wanted to make sure you were aware.

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Oh yes … I’m aware :smile: but it would be nice to have the occasional ticket to cash that i could use instead. It now costs me like 2k in gems to go from empty to half

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@zephyr1 can this be closed since it happened via POV?


Yes, I think we can reasonably close this as implemented, thanks!


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