Iron conversion

After upgrading all of the buildings to their current allowable max, I have a surplus of iron and am struggling to keep up with food since it (in my opinion) is used for a wider variety of actions–such as the lengthy process of troop leveling. It would be helpful to have some sort of conversion or exchange. It is a long shot, but i can hope.

:+1: Even something as a x0,9 converter ratio from iron to iron boundles would be good.

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What level are your troops? You could use HA troop trainings to train troops and store iron.

You could craft high iron cost battle items (e.g., Tornadoes, Time Stops). Can never have enough tornadoes and time stops for Titans.


For all this you need not only iron.

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True… I used to have a severe nuggest shortage. Then I discovered 5-8 and my nugget woes have faded away. I still don’t have a miracle cure for dragon bones, but with all my current construction projects the mats seem to be outweighing the resources at the moment anyway

Agree, but you can farm the ingredients to craft battle items. I have stockpiles of 4* ingredients (1000+ nuggets, dragon bones, etc) for making tornadoes and time stops from farming.

I farm S1:19-9 for player XP all day. I have accumulated 1000+ dragon bones from farming this level.


Ooh look you’ve provided targets to the devs now.

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Thanks for this tip.
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Iron conversion to food and vise versa is an old idea, still yet to be implemented, if it is to be implemented, sadly. Maybe by version 169 perhaps?

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I use HA to store iron and food – HA6 for iron; HA7 for food. If you swap recruits between the 2 HA levels, this gives you a way to convert between food and iron.

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Tbh they have the place where you could. The Alchemy Lab could have a level 11 with 2 recipes…1 would be Iron to ham and vice verse. That would solve a lot of problems once set up.

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I have a set daily farming plan that usually yields bones, meteor frags and nuggets. Without the plan I would be doomed.

Once I stopped having anything to build, my balance was set off kilter. I’m doing the research on the HA level as suggested above as a way to store iron…

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