Irish Warriors Clan looking for 3 buddies!

Are you tired of wandering the back alleys and inns of this empire? Well, then, wander no more. We are collection of all level types: misfit rogues, free mercenaries and persons of loose character. If you’ve seen a shamrock you qualify, if you’ve drunk a pint of Guinness you are so qualified. We pride ourselves on helping new players and even have a resident ghost who dispenses pearls of wisdom. So if you fancy a new ‘straw bed’ in our Leaky Roof Inn, come on in and say “Hello!”

The Rules:

  1. Just hit the Titans
  2. Have at least 300 tropies (or thereabouts)
  3. Get sucked into the wars
  4. Have a bit of respect
  5. Victory or defeat, have a laugh

Just go to the Alliances tab under “Alliance.” Then search for “Irish Warriors Clan” and click the “Join” button.

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