Irish Warriors Clan Deux (175k Trophies with 22 members) is recruiting. International Alliance

Greeting Traveler!

Irish Warriors Clan Deux is looking for new (long-term) warriors. Our Trophy Score with 22 members is 175k. We’re not a hardcore Alliance (what gives freedom to the individual), yet we take the game serious and are all active.

We offer:

  • Regular AW’s
  • 8*-10* Titans
  • a laid-back atmosphere
  • helpful & active fellow warriors

You should have around 1800-2600 Trophies. 0 Flags in AW’s are not required, but highly appreciated.

No need to be Irish, we’re international (mostly US & EU).

The Alliance is open to join, no invite needed. We’d be happy to see you soon!

We have 5 spots left

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