Irish Warrior Clan Wants You!

Looking for people for the Irish Warrior Clan. Membership is open. Must have a sense of humor and not take themselves or the game too seriously. We are an active, mid- level team taking on 5-star titans. You should have at least 400 trophies, and be a daily player. We also want you to participate in wars and titan battles. We don’t chat a ton, unless the topic of football (soccer for us Yanks) comes up. We understand everyone has a life and occasionally is away for a week or two, so absences are fine as long as you let us know you’ll be gone.

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Looking for a home didn’t know I needed to set up a defensive team I’ve been eating thous type of heroes

I did too. Hope you join us!

Erth, it’s FT59er, can’t edit your post, shall I put the add up here for you to copy, I don’t think our team board would be appropriate, here’s my email if you send me a one liner I’ll reply with the new advert for you to copy

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