Iris not gaining mana on buff dispel from G Gazelle

HOTM Iris has a passive of 10% mana whenever a buff is dispelled; however, when I use G Gazelle to remove her buffs she does not gain any mana at all.

Also just tested her against Evelyn and Iris has 3 buffs. When Evelyn removed the buffs Iris only got 10% mana, not 30%. I assume that is the language of “each time” versus for “each buff.”

Regardless, I am still confused by G Gazelle would not buff her mana.


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Maybe because she is dancing?

Gazelle’s dispel is more of a removal

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In the card…Removes all status effects from all allies except the caster. Removes even status effects that are otherwise undispellable or uncleansable. Hope that helps! :smiley:

Yes, that is precisely the point. Removing the buffs should give Iris mana and it does not.

My G Gazelle removed 10 buffs from Iris did not gain any mana.

Now I wonder if Iris gain mana in boss stage where dispell happens after every 5 turns (like vs Ursena boss ss2 or Dr boss ss4). Not lucky enough to get her to check

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Video added to the first post.

Quite possible the 3-70 and unlevelled does not provide the passive? Just thinking about this now.

Interesting guess, but the passive did work against Evelyn.

Does Iris gain mana in equalizer war and against enemy Guardian Chameleon ? If it is also no, I think Iris’s passive will work only against “dispel” but not for “remove”.

Does Iris gain mana when the buff is flip ? And Iris gain mana if she has “immune to dispel” buff with another buff ?

Not staff obviously but historically the key is in the wording.

Remove dispell

Traditionally Dispell is limited only to the enemy team using an effect on your team. This is, I believe, why Gazelle (your ally) is not triggering the Passive; as it (technically) is not a dispell.

Whether this is intended behaviour or not I cannot say.


@u2371 @Guvnor Yes, the wording matters. I was thinking she would behave like Gullinbursti, but I see Gullinbursti’s language says when “the effect ends.”

So, considering her +10% mana gain is limited to 10% no matter how many buffs are removed and there are only a handful of buff dispellers, is it safe to say it is nearly a worthless passive?! :slight_smile:

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Don’t know if I’d quite call it worthless. Could see a number of players with less large number of options than you have putting her on a buff heavy defence and taking advantage of her own ncreasing speed when buff dispelled by opponent. As with most HotM nowadays not an all-star but for some players the passive should be useful.


I hear you. I just would not use a hero that needs to be timed on defense. Even with a buff heavy defense, not sure how many times her buffs would be removed to justify her existence on defense.

Her speed plus attack boost on offense is nice.

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