Iris – 5* Ice / Blue - February 2022 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Thanks, @Chadmo , for sharing.


I went the wrong route for the first 13 nodes. I chose the shield/health route.

Guess I will pick more Sword nodes from here onwards. I don’t feel like resetting my emblems, I will lose some food and iron, right??

I think doing a mix is perfectly fine. You will love it with maxed emblems.

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Thank you, @Chadmo. :slight_smile:

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I am wondering is Iris is the sleeper in this SE bunch. Peridot and Krave are mentioned as good deals, but Iris seems really solid, especially since dispellers are so valuable.
What do you all think who have her?

she doesnt dispell in the traditional sense like sabrina. she does a rolling dispell, hits only 1 person hard and minor damage to the others and has weak stats compared to more recent heroes. thats my best guess

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I’m envisioning this against Ludwig and I like what I see, but I expect there are times it does not work well.

one key point is that Iris’ rolling dispel can be cleansed. I fight more cleansers than I do anti-minion heroes, so Xiahou Dun is now my Blue dispeller of choice. still use Iris, just not as much as before


Her hero card is updated with the february balance update.

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