iPhone 12 screen disformat

The screen on iPhone 12 is disformated I’ve already uninstalled the app and reinstall and is the same, can anyone help? Thanks, Luís Ferreira


Adverts covering most of the screen? No, no, that’s working as intended.

Lots of iphone 12s out there and I’m not seeing lots of screaming… are you running the latest iOS?

Yes, I had the iPhone 11 and worked fine, the 12 happened this

What size of iPhone 12 do you have? I have the 12 Plus and I don’t have any issues…

I had one iPhone 11 and it didn’t happened, but I tried one thing that resolved this problem.

I had the settings of the screen magnified and it disformated the screen, then I tried taking of the magnifier of the icons and it fixed the problem.


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