iPad app shortcuts not working (again)

I’m on iPadOS 13.1.3. Empires & Puzzles is usually an app shortcut. Prior to version 24.0.0, tapping the shortcut worked, bringing me into the app. Version 24.0.0 did not respond to tapping the shortcut. Version 24.0.1 did respond to taps on the shortcut. Yesterday’s version 24.1.0 does not respond to tapping the shortcut. Other apps do respond.

I have seen this too.
By shortcuts, I think you mean the app icons in the right of the dock at the bottom of the iPad for apps that have been recently used.

But, I HAVE seen it for other apps as well ( Twitter, BBC News) so I think its an iOS problem and NOT an E&P problem. The iOS native apps like Safari and Mail do NOT seem to have the issue though.

E&P is the only app I am seeing it on.

I had problems with other apps including E&P 24.0.0 on iPadOS 13.1.2. Version 13.1.3 was released on Oct 15 and is the most current released version. E&P 24.0.1 did work on iPadOS 13.1.3. Other apps also work on the current iPadOS version. E&P 24.1.0 does not.

Well. I have the issue with the Twitter app right now.
Rebooting the iPad fixed it
So its definitely not just E&P

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