iPad Air crashes twice on alliance war

Hi Guys, please help me!
The game is crashing on my iPad Air (iOS version 12.4.9 / Model MD792BR / A) in some war attacks.
This has already occurred two times. Coincidentally with Telluria and Sumle attacks that attack all enemies.
The game crash, I lost my attack, my heroes and even zeroed harming me and my alliance.
My game is updated in version 33.0.1 BUILD 837. I checked the App Store, and this is the latest version available.

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How much memory does you device have? I have done some testing on the game on various devices and have noticed that is a factor with the game crashing with the last few recent versions.

We have someone in alliance having same issue with Ipad Air in War, any solutions? :fox_face:

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Druid, follow iPad storage data:
Capacity: 32GB
Available: 4.92GB
Thanks for the support

Uh. Seriously? Update your device.

My iPad is older than the Air and is running 14.2. (Man, I’m full of mistakes today; mine is an Air2)

But that old of an OS is likely to cause issues. Plus what Druid says below.


With only 32GB and 5GB spare your iPad is likely to be borderline with the most recent versions of E&P.

From the Testing I have done IOS devices with 16Gb of memory will definately crash from E&P version 3.0 onwards.

IOS devices with 32GB of memory may crash if too many other applications running or installed, since version 3.3 onwards.

IOS devices with 64GB of memory - still stable.

Other factors that influence stability also with a low memory IOS device are:

  • Number of hero slots (250 or more)
  • Number of times you access the maps and other feature of the game which result in memory load actions.
  • Long periods (days to weeks) before rebooting IOS device
  • Number of application and background running applications
  • Not using IOS configuration settings that improve device performance (google IOS performance setting)

@EmpiresPuzzles to consider doing further device testing of their own and possibly publishing a guideline for minimum device specs for stable operation. This may be more of an issue as the game continues to evolve further with new features added.

Additional Note: have also tested with very old IOS devices (IOS 12.x) with 64GB or memory and they seem to be stable also, which also suggests memory is the contributing factor. So far have tested on iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 1, iPad mini 2, IPad 2, IPad 3, iPad 5th gen, and iPhone 7. Will do more testing as I get my hands on a few more devices.

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Guys, thankful for everyone’s support, especially for Druid in the detail covered.

I tried to update my OS and unfortunately my iPad already with the latest version available for this model through Apple.

I will be removing useless apps and carrying out good practices for better device performance. So, in the next war I will restart the operating system to avoid this problem too.

In addition, I will cross my fingers and hope not to zero in yet another attack in the next war! lol

Once again, thank you for your attention!

Hi guys,
Just to let you know…
I have removed some useless apps on my iPad, so…now it got more memory…about 10Gb free
The yesterday’s war worked fine!!! lol
Thanks for you all!

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Thank you for the info.
I’m using iPhone 6 Plus 64GB, it is consistently about 0-3x game crash per-day since version 3.x onward.

Now, I already waste WE 9 flask for mission S3, because of game-crash.
Should I drop all alchemyst lab queue ? Or TC? I hate this memory leak in game.

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