iOS v15: app freeze during incoming call

On iPad OS 15.1 during incoming call to paired phone the app freeze even the call was answered on phone. The reaction of app is similar to previous version OS 14 where app was suspended not freeze down.

Revomved pic as has personal info


I have the same problem.
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I’m having this exact same issue. Phone app works fine after a reboot, but after some unknown time, it freezes. I can launch the phone app, but I am unable to scroll, or move to a different screen in the app. I can exit the app and force quit it, but I can’t do anything in the app itself.
I can make calls using Siri, and I can receive calls; however, I cannot access visual voicemail, so I have to either call my number to get voicemails, or I have to reboot the iPhone.
I guess it’s more likely an iOS 15.1 issue, not E&P glitches.

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Something really needs to be done about this.

During war hits if a call comes in it crashes the game and awards you 0 points, for a mobile phone app !!!

However if you start a call you can then start playing.

Really needs this sorting


Are you using IOS based device ?

If yes then it is already reported:

But that bug was closed without solution :frowning:

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Reopened and flagged for Dev / QA review.

Thank you for the reports, we’ll investigate this here.


Happened to me several times and I lost flags and war points too.
When an incoming call arrive, the picture in the game halts and I have to close the game. I also tried to wait instead of closing the game, but then the game closed automatically (crashed) after 1 or 2 minutes.


Maybe related

Also just happened to me during War. It was an incoming FB messenger call. Game froze, then kicked me about 30 seconds later. Enemy was full health, but I lost 1 war energy. Definitely losing this war now.

iOS Crash when i got a call in the middle of an attack war and then the phone blocked for 5 minutes.

While playing the seasonal event or any quest and an incoming call (apple phone) is incoming and I choose to ignore the call…. The game freezes and all activities are lost. It will not respond and then reboots itself once I move to another screen.

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Same here.
Also, if in a Raid, shows as two loses not one, but only one flag gone.

If it helps I had the same crash/lockup.

Game was being played on an iPad (season 1 map stage), iPhone ran and I answered call on an Apple Watch.

Game then froze on the iPad (all linked with same Apple ID)

Confirm this happened to me also during a raid fight. Further, it was my first fight against this particular opponent. When I restarted the game, I found I was hit with three losses in a row, so I not only couldn’t rematch, but was down nearly 100 trophies from the three “losses.”

iOS 15.1.1, iPhone 12 Pro.

oh God, so many new users who registered just to report it

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I too am getting random crashes, once just now during writing in alliance chat. iOS, done all updates.

Just happened to me as well I have the videos of it …