Ios update prolem

when I wanted to open game, it says “there is a new update”. I am cliking the update button then it goes to ios update page. at ios update page it says “open” instead of update. so game says update and ios says open the application. kindly ask you to help me. thank you

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Typically, I will force close out my app store window as well as Empires & Puzzles.

I would try a refresh on the update page with the app store and if it is still not working, then submit a support ticket:

Edit: Here’s the technical help article about iOS updates -


In addition to everything @voidstrike listed, I’ve sometimes seen this happen when a player plays on both Android and iOS.

If you update Android before iOS, you’ll become stuck until the iOS release comes out, which is typically a few days after the Android version due to Apple’s app update approval process.


Thank you for the information. Yes I pley on both Android and iOS. I think it’s the problem like you said.

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Glad that answers why it’s happening, though it’s unfortunate that you’ll be stuck waiting for the iOS update. :confused:

Hopefully that’ll come out soon, so you can use both devices as usual.

Finally update came to the ios too. so everything is okey right now. Thank you again.

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