[iOS] Screen will not rotate when device is rotated

I can’t vouch for android, but on iOS if you turn your device upside-down then the game should rotate 180 degrees so everything still appears right-side-up. Currently the app never rotates so if you hold your device with the home button at the top then the game will appear upside-down. Other apps and games rotate with the device. When my iPad is plugged in, I use it so the plug comes out of the top in order to avoid damaging the cable.

Repro steps:

This has been mentioned as a feature request before: Rotate Screen 180 Degrees. I think this is a bug since every other app does it and it is expected behavior for the app to rotate with the device.

Edit: I had a friend check on android. On android no apps will flip upside-down when you rotate the device 180 degrees. On iOS all apps will flip upside-down.

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Hmm, I’d never noticed the game was locked in a single direction, even when I unlocked my screen.

yes Rook, just us apple users that are stuck with this I guess. I know I’ve gone to some lengths to figure a way of propping up my device so the cord isn’t damaged.

I agree , as an iPhone user it’s very inconvenient …can some thing be done to make the screen rotate … I play other games like hay day and home escapes …they all give a landscape view …thanks

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