[iOS] game asks me to update, even after I update it in App Store

Hello Developers,

I have the following issue:

  • Precondition: I have updated the game to the latest version from the App Store.
  • Issue: I try to start the game, but the “update available” window stops the start-up and directs me to the App Store page. However, the “update” option is not there (since I am on the latest game version). On the store page, the only option is to “open” the game. If I click the “open”, the game will pop the “update available” window, and this loops forever.

Same as my friend, he cant get in the game.

Same with me. Its asking me to update but theres no update in google play store.

O meu também está assim já tem dois dias quero que resolvam ainda hoje senão quero tudo que envesti na conta devolta com juros pois tem guerra em campo e posso ser expulso da ally por não jogar

The update for iOS is not available yet. If you read the announcements, it says they “hope to roll out the update soon”. They released the update for Android first.

I know im talking about google play store. Now I cant play my empire and puzzle in my ANDROID phone.

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Problem is war is up and we cant use our account.

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Same problem here. On Android.

I have not been able to log in for 3 days now because it wants to update. 3 days. Can we expect some kind of compensation for this incompetence?


Yeah I thought so.

I have the problem in the game as well asks me to make an update where there is none … I’m also on the go with Android. And that of all times in war … Normally this war should not be rated …

No update here on android

Same here…
Got 2 android phones from different makers. LG phone from Korea update on time while US Samsung takes few days everytime using same wifi
OMG…i need to sweep at the battlefield today and work for my PoV…

When we can expect some answer from devs about this problem?? Very sad support at this moment from them !!!

Same here, I cannot get the update for my Android or IOS. Please fix this. My alliance will lose this war because people cannot get online.

We lost our war thanks to half the alliance could not login. Thanks SGG

If you play the game on both platforms (ios & android) you can face with this kind of problem. when it rolls out for ios platform, your problem will be fixed.

that’s a very good point. Since the ios game will always ask me to update, when my game account is logged in.

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