IOS bug in alliance chat?

If I promote someone, it used to say: Name got promoted by Konijntje. It now only says: got promoted by Konijntje. My co-leader, who is on android is still getting the name too, so seems only on ios (or only on my ipad, nobody in my alliance online right now with ios).

Edit: not only ios, an android user is experiencing the same issue.

Edit: Seems like this was a problem with the Dutch translation, we have fixed this now. Apologies for the problem!


Stil the same problem Please fix

Ув. разработчики у нас в чате клана не видно сообщения одного из игроков, исправте пожалуйста, или подскажите как

There must be a bug that is creating the issue and the bug has to be fixed. The alliance chat is not working due to the ios bug and because of that my iTunes is also not opening and I am getting iTunes error 9