Ios and android in parallel

After migration from Ios to Android, can I still play the game on my Ipad or is it then fully on my phone?

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any answers on that?

Signed to Google Play I have an option to link an iOS device.

Give it a try…

Can’t check it myself, cause I don’t have any apple devices.

Hey guys I have the same doubt.

Can I play the game on my android phone and at home play the same account on iPad?

Does anyone do that?

Would it make any sense? Let’s say you have Richard and Marjana. On the first account you feed Richard to Marjana, on the second one at the very same moment you feed Marjana to Richard. What would be the state of your roster then?

Don’t know… obviously that’s not the intention.

I have a phone with a very small screen and I can’t even read how long it is before the next chest. So I want to use a tablet to play at home, when I don’t need to use my phone. With a larger screen. But if I have to attack titans or at war in the middle of the day I would still need to do it from my phone.

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