Involved in two wars

I left my alliance after matchmaking in AW and joined another to help them with a titan. Their matchmaking started after I joined and now I´m in two battlefields. How is it possible to be in two Alliance Wars at the same time? Since I joined the war at my alliance I shouldn´t be involved with the second one.

If you leave your alliance after matchmaking you’re still on the battlefield so enemy can attack you. It must be done this way because you were taken into account during matchmaking so otherwise match won’t be fair after your left.

Of course, you participate in war if you join alliance before matchmaking.

If you return to your alliance before war starts you should be able to actively participate in war.

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Yes I know that but it´s not fair to the alliance I helped. Since I already was in an AW I shouldn´t be in the second one. Is it possible to fight in both? Six flags in my alliance and then over to hit six at the other one? I understand that my chest will screw up.

My guess is you’ll participate in war of the alliance you’re member of when the war starts, but I’m not sure.
Maybe you should create a ticket for customer service?

I think so too. Probably in spectator mode in the other.

@zephyr1 @Garanwyn is it possible that the matchmaking is not at the same time? As far as I know it is and also unbiased from time zones.

Sure matchmaking isn’t the same time. It’s spread probably to reduce server load.

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Presumably it’s not 100% instantaneous even for taking the snapshots for matchmaking, so this seems like an unusual edge case.

I agree with @grzechol, I would contact Support.


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