Invite Tab for Naked Members/ In Game Invite Tab to Recruit

Wanting to recruit new talent for my current alliance as Co leader, I went to Global chat room , I was instantly put off by the multiple chats and spamming in multiple colours and couldn’t keep track of my ad of which I placed .
My second point of call was to place an ad here in the forum, I had better luck great!! But i felt a loss of functionality , and the process was much longer not to mention I had to leave the game to do so .
Taking inspiration from @Max_well and his amazing filtering/organisational system
Having a single invite tab for Leaders / Co, Leaders to readily invite those Naked / without an Alliance to accept or disregard the invite sent to them from the prospecting alliance.
Pros of an in game Invite Button , would be functionality, playability goes up and there be no need to leave the game to recruit new members.
Currently we have invite tabs to introduce new players to E&P that arent in the game yet , why dont we have this function in game yet ?
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I thought you were recruiting people who play naked. :disappointed:


Lmao :rofl: That comes later lol

Maybe it’s because I slept like 10 minutes last night but I’m completely confused by what the deal is. And, true dat, naked coleaders? Do tell. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Hilaria share your experience on recruiting for your alliance

I recruit in multiple locations at once:

1, SG Forum. Re-up the add frequently. Same thread only, update requirements as needed.
2. Facebook recruitment pages.
3. LINE recruiting chats, re-up add daily.
4. Start a wait-list if possible.
5. Discord recruitment chats as well.
6. AND - global recruitment chat. It has a place as well, and will work to bring in new folks. Send some co-leaders to go deal with it. :rofl: Go in there everyday during wars and recruit. An hour at a time.


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I’m digging around in LINE and I can’t find the recruiting chat. Can you forward any info on it to me? Thanks!

Yes, message me on LINE. hilaria11

I would also like a way to invite others that do not have alliance already

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Just look at all that effort your putting to recruit New team members I hope you can see the added value that an In game invite button would be to this game

That is the most needed feature in game for alliances.

In a week there are 5 days you cant go out from your ally for recruting.

Only mondays and fridays you can go to alliances with leader +50 days without login.

I dont understand why SG make this better and easier for us.

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