"Invite only" is misleading -- Change to "By Request"

I think the term “invite only” for the alliance is a bit misleading, is there any way this can be changed to “request only”. Currently it sounds like you need to be invited to join these alliances but this isn’t the case. It’s hard enough recruiting as it is let alone with people potentially being out off by this.

To join our alliance you need to be invited. People who request to join in game, are usually rejected.

I must be missing something :thinking:? How is the term misleading :confounded:?

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There are 2 means to enter into an alliance. First is an open alliance where players can join without being filtered as long as you comply with the cup requirement set by the alliance. Second is the invite only where the potential member, after complying with the cup requirement, may or may not be INVITED in. Another way also to look at it is that the potential member may have already passed the recruitment stage done on a third party app and the alliance is awaiting such player already INVITED to come in to make the request to join.

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There are a surprising number of people in AR asking to be invited to an alliance. For new players the wording creates some confusion. I’m pretty sure they figure it out in short order.


That’s easy… even if it’s not an important aspect, the OP is definitelly right, while you’re generalising based on your alliance’s habits, without considering the fact that 298k alliance socre places you close to top 100… truth is, there’s very few alliances (and I do mean very few), out of thousands upon thousands, who can afford to fill their ranks only by inviting members, while rejecting those who apply in-game. As always, the difference in thought patterns between big spenders and otherwise shows it’s ugly head… of course, I don’t spend money on the game, so I’m of no interest to such high ranked alliance, but give me a roster of my choice and I bet all of a sudden, the great alliances would be very receptive to my join request. So this “invite only” ■■■■■■■■, as you describe it, is reserved for a very few, very large pocketed alliances. Get it?

This assumption you’ve made about my alliance, based solely on Alliance score is erroneous. FWIW most of my alliance mates have been playing E&P for a while, and have a very good knowledge of their F2P or C2p rosters. @ThePirateKing @Rapcoon @DBC @WhenWeCollide @Starlynk - were you aware you’re big spenders?

So, in answer to your jibe

No - I don’t get it :confounded: Truth be told, we are selective of having good people in our alliance. So we take the time to get to know them first, via a third party app. Great rosters are a huge advantage, but more important than that, is a solid team player.

My first, and hopefully last vent on the forum :angry:.

Apologies OP for being off topic. I’m unsure why people make sweeping generalisations based on nothing at all.


OP is making a very simple statement. The term “invite only” is misleading and does not represent the game mechanics. In order to enter an “invite only” alliance you don’t have to wait for an invitation, instead you can simply apply and wait to be accepted. So to avoid misleading some players the term has to be changed.
I must admit I don’t understand why would people argue about such a simple statement. The suggestion would benefit some portion of the players and would harm no one.


I dont really want to enter this mini debate but I think their current Leader is F2P. Never been in that alliance, but have seen posts where he says he is 100% F2P. I am also 100% F2P and my alliance score is 293k+ at the moment and i got better than average scores in both titan and wars (safe to say everytime top 10 in both and also a few top spots in wars).

So no, i don’t think you have to be big spender or any spender at all to be in competitive alliance, even top 100 alliance :slight_smile:


Yes, TPK is completely free to play. Didn’t even buy the Share the Gems offer but made a little movie to thank the alliance members who did. I did cave in to buy the Share the Gems offer, and apparently that makes me a big spender… so be it :wink: We actually do have some big spenders but we also have about 10 who spend (almost) nothing and we’re very proud of being able to be in the top 50-100 region when we’re full, with that many F2P/C2P players, so I guess that’s why Sarah got a little offended over the (totally unnecessary) comment about big spenders. Anyway, this shouldn’t be of any matter in this thread.

I can understand the suggestion though, since a lot of people do use the “Invite Only” as a “Request Only”. We do use it as an actual “Invite Only”. To each their own :slight_smile:

Personally I think it’d be best if SG added some options to the join requirements (like TeamPower etc. or the ability to block certain people from joining). That way those new alliances could actually easily set their join preference to Open, instead of Invite Only, cause I’m guessing it’s usually mostly new players who don’t know they can’t get an actual invite.



On topic:

I found the term invite only confusing as a new player, and agree that “request” more accurately describes the reality.

In reply to @Sarah2 We are a totally awesome group of varied nationalities and spending habits that share an interest in playing this game to the best of our ability.

In my experience, keen long term F2P players are often a huge asset as they have had to understand the game mechanics better in order to compete with those who have more choice of heroes.

I am a low spender, I ran VIP for a long time and sometimes pick up smaller offers and POV. I appreciate my big spending team mates and non spending team mates a great deal, and appreciate any new teammates based on their ability and enthusiasm to play the game at a reasonably high level regardless of their spending habits (which are non of my business, unless they choose to talk about it)


As @DBC said, I can understand where the OP is coming from. When I was a new player I often though that I need to be invited to the alliance by the leader in order to join, so needless to say I never thought of joining said alliances. As @AkimboYoung suggested “request only” definitely seems like better wording. So I hope SG takes notice.

Off topic reply

Hi @Ian487, our alliance values friendly and knowledgeable players over someone with big a roster and ego. Given that criteria, it is understandable why we don’t let anyone join us without first contacting us via Line or Discord. We have a healthy mix of F2P (myself included), C2P and P2W players all of whom are good people first. Please don’t generalize everyone based on your limited experience in the game. Hard work and dedication can take you a long way if you are up for it. :slight_smile:


I know you’re f2p, King, but when it comes to your alliance, things ain’t the same… let the numbers do the talking… my free players and low spanders alliance has on the current defense line, out of 130 heroes, 75 SI and 55 non SI, while yours has 31 SI and 109 non SI out of 140… now… one thing is certain, luck might take you a long way, but, as f2p, I’m sure you know how limited the number of gate pulls is for us. While SI heroes may come from TC20, all non SI heroes only come through the gate, and getting all those heroes takes lots and lots of luck… or gems… way to much luck for a free alliance… so, my first post point stands (read it again, tell me I’m wrong), a low level alliance can’t afford to reject join requests. I’m not sure why my post was hidden, maybe it was flagged as off topic… don’t really care, I just don’t like people generalising based on their own experience, which is exactly what @Sarah2 did in her first comment, pretending then not to understand the OP’s point of view, which, by the way, was clear as daylight…

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Then perhaps they should set the alliance to Open?

Also hope you did notice TPK has 0 TC20 heroes in his defense line-up, so by your logic he cannot be F2P. But thanks for looking through all our teams and counting the heroes!


Of course luck plays a big role in F2P gameplay. And I am definitely not comparing ourselves to a pure F2P alliance. Also, watching defenses is not a good way to judge anyone’s roster, because a player tends to put their best hereos there. In my 2 years I have only pulled 5 HOTM, and you will find 3 of them in my defense team, but that doesn’t say anything about my roster depth. Anyway, what @Sarah2 said in her original comment was her own interpretation of the term “invite only” and it works for us. Everyone is entitled to their own point of view, but instead of presenting your own interpretation you simply hurt her feelings by saying unnecessary things which are not true. I expected better from you.

Anyway, I have no interest in off topic debates. I wish you all the best in your gameplay. Stay safe and take care.


You’re twisting my words… However I did say luck takes you a long way. That’s his case… still, looking at my 4400+ defense, you may notice I have exactly 0 non SI heroes, and that’s what life’s like for most f2p, except a few lucky ones…

That would let the door unlocked for multiple problems… such as absolute bigginers joining, I’m talking lvl. 4 or war espionage, as I’m sure you know…

Hey, no problem, got nothing better to do right now, it was kind of fun seeing how a “low budget” alliance is built :wink:

Wow I certainly wasn’t expecting to have that sort of reaction :joy: we are a mostly F2P alliance but found if we were left as open we had a lot of mercs coming in killing titans and leaving without thinking about the consequences of war matchmaking etc. As a new player I definitely didn’t go anywhere near the invite only alliances because I thought I needed to be invited and only when our alliance decided to try it did we find out the reality of it. Hopefully someone at SG reads this and takes it into consideration :blush:


It’s a good idea and I have voted for it. Hopefully, you will get some more votes. All the best :slight_smile:


There was no pretending to understand, but a request for clarification as “invite only”, really does mean invite only to some alliances. I’m happy, it’s clear as daylight to some and appreciate those who also seek to understand.

Agreed. A F2P vs C2P vs P2P discussion somehow got thrown in for good measure and circumvented the focus of the thread “invite only is misleading”. The other responses suggest, the term is indeed misleading.

I hope so too :thinking: - you have my vote.


Sorry if I was a bit too blunt, but we all need to remember, the game is not entirely built on lvl 60+ players with extensive knowledge and great rosters or top alliances. The vast majority are casual players stuck in low level alliances with limited knowledge and understanding of the game’s subterfuges, so “invite only” can be very missleading for some players searching for an alliance to join… most of them will figure it out eventually, still, it sure isn’t the best way of expressing what it stands for… because you don’t need to be invited to join an alliance, you only need to be accepted. We should all remember we all started at lvl.1…

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Getting into the semantics of a term isn’t really important to me, but you make a sweeping generalization about invite only that only applies to a limited number of alliances and turn it around on someone who questions the fact that you are a top alliance who can be more selective…

I’ve never been rejected from an alliance that was invite only and have very rarely been previously invited.

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