Invitation to public discussion - Championship (Federal state - world)

Hi @ all.
In the game is a leaderboard already.
Create a new feature additional.
Every Player who want to play Championship get a full new hero cardset for free at the beginning of the Tournament (same start conditions for all)
Now you can try to climb the leaderboard in Championship.

  1. step: try to climb your federal state leaderboard
  2. step: try to climb your country state leaderboard
  3. step: try to climb your continental leaderboard
  4. step: try to climb world leaderboard and try to be the worldchampion :slightly_smiling_face:
    so we can have every year champions in different categories in permanent lists
    of course with special prices for participation and win in every league
    this Championship should not be the main part in game, but it would be a nice temporal joy
    every Player have to play with this new hero cardset vs. the Empires & Puzzles Mega-Champion
    the score of damage after fighting is the ranking position in respective list (as in Titan battle)
    and every quarter of a year you can climb the leaderboards…rising up in next higher leaderboard

have fun discussing and
much more fun in the implementation!
best wishes to all from germany (saxony)

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