Invitation to alliance

How do I invite a player to my alliance, please?

You tell them to apply or join. Cant send out actual invitations. Just ads and messages. The “invite only” phrase has been a horrible choice of words since the beginning, but devs have failed to ever address it or fix it.

Shiny heros come first($$$), everything else takes a back seat, some stuff is all the way at the back of the bus(this flaw, the new player tutorial, etc etc)


Thnx. That’s why I was confused because the alliance is invite only

The name “invite only” is somewhat confusing yes.

What is ment is that people have to apply and you can approve or reject them.
There is no way to invite people into your alliance, has to be done by the player to ask permission to enter the alliance.


Thnx. Yes… confusing :crazy_face:

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I got caught out by this, too, by acting in too much haste. Here was the issue; I had a good player who’d gone dormant and missed a war and did not respond to alliance messages. So I wanted to kick 'em from the war option but not the alliance. Then an alliance member suggested I kick 'em then invite 'em back. Brilliant, I thought, so I kicked them, changed the alliance to invitation only, went looking for an invitation button and eventually looked it up and realised I’d been “had” by the invitation option. It is not invitation at all, it is request. They really need to change this word. Dammit, it can’t be hard to change a word. In the meantime, if anyone sees Rimuru please send apologies from The Badger and say “you’re welcome back if you can forgive the mistake.” Here’s another thought, though. Why NOT be able to invite players to your alliance, if you know their names?

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This is a big issue. My alliance needs new members and I would happily invite some free people, if I could see them :confused:

Stick around the forum a little bit. Once your privileges advance, you’ll be able to start a thread over here in the #alliance-recruitment area.

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well, there we go! I learned a lot in this thread about invites, and about the alliance recruitment area, and Benn’s message encouraged me to finally stop being a stalker and just join the darn community. First message posted.

Guild of Electric Mayhem, forever!

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