Invisible Valhalla enemy

I killed all enemies in Valhalla 7-3, wave 2 then I had to kill one of them again, but it it was invisible.


That was weird and reminded me of this bug…

Have you submitted a support ticket? It’s great you had the foresight to record the battle :+1:.

Also happened to me on 7.2

Happenned to me right know on 7-2 (hard if it matters).

I killed the last enemy of a wave with an axe item. The mana didn’t cut, it moved to the next wave, and the enemy that was at this position instantly died. Weird.

After killing the 2 others I was blocked at this wave and could throw tiles. When throwing at the position of the enemy that has disappeared, I could see the slash animation. After a few tiles it seems this enemy died and I moved to the last stage of the map.

As above if you experience this, please create a support ticket with SGG.

Please also link in your screenshots and a video if you got one. Also link this forum thread so they are aware of others facing the issue :slight_smile:

Instructions on how to create/ launch a support ticket:
How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)

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