Invisible Goblin Balloon

I have the same problem and also emailed the company, but they say write my problem here. What should I do now. At the moment I have 5 Goblin chests with no Goblin Balloon!!!

I just got my sixth Goblin Chest but just because there is no balloon over my plot, I missed it! That is really ridiculous!!!

That was what happened to me too, guys. I’m pretty sure it’s connected to the shop not loading.

@Nothing and @Klarus, can you get your shops to load?

Dear @Commander_K,

It is nowhere on my devices (I have two accounts), and that is to disappointing to me. I hope to see the balloon soon.

@Nothing, it’s not that great but I hope you can get the balloon soon, if you want it.

I just got another crate today and the balloon appeared again but I can’t open the crate. The loading screen gets stuck. I believe it is the ducks, sabotaging our games :wink:

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