Invisible Goblin Balloon

I think I have a bug. I am receiving goblin chests (from missions) but the balloon isn’t appearing.

Today I got my third goblin chest (from a normal monster chest). When I pressed the chest, it told me that I have 3 in the balloon. I don’t have a balloon though. There’s nothing there in the sky, lol.

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It hangs just to the left of your HQ, near where the VIP dragon would go :slight_smile:

Do you have a screenshot of your base? in this spot below?

I just took one, here it is.

I don’t have the balloon or the notice at the bottom. The goblin chests (3 so far) have appeared in my wanted loot. When I collect the loot, nothing happens. For the last chest, I pressed to look at it (before collecting my loot) and it gave the description and said that so far, I have 3 chests stored in the balloon. Except the balloon isn’t there D:

I checked my recent activity and the goblin chests aren’t appearing in there either. I am updated to the latest version of E&P.

I assume you’ve force-closed the game (maybe even restarted your device), and re-opened the game?

I did clear my cache before. I just tried force stopping E&P, clearing the cache again and clearing my tablet’s cache. Still nothing, it’s so weird, lol.

The only thing I can think of is that it’s connected to the shop not loading. For some reason, my shop rarely loads, though everything else works OK.

An alliance mate also didn’t have the goblin balloon showing up and after contacting support they had to update the game. Is there an update?

Don’t complain, you’re living the dream :rofl:


@ThePhilosopher, I just checked…I’ve got the latest update. I’m glad it’s not just me having this problem, though I hope your mate has theirs sorted now :slight_smile:

@HappyHippo…I did rather think that :rofl: I like having my sky free for the ducks but I thought I’d better be a good citizen and report the bug :wink:

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That effort cost me over 6 hours last night. Bugged to heck…

Please #contact-support so we can investigate this further.

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Do you have an app that blocks useless features on other apps? If so, you’ll have to deactivate it!



@Petri, thanks dude, will do :slight_smile:

@Chodaboy, I wish I did :rofl: I’ve been reading the posts on here and so far, I haven’t seen anything appear in anybody elses’ chests that I’ve thought I’d be willing to pay for.

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OK, it gets weirder! My game crashed and I just restarted. All the pop ups appeared (check out elemental summons, buy valour pass ect) and now the goblin balloon has appeared. Should I still contact support?

(Most days I don’t get the pop ups when I log in. I don’t know why, it’s been like that since I started playing, over a year ago).

I see you haven’t met Elena yet.

I’m glad you got your Goblin Balloon! But shop not loading and popups not showing also sounds like a bug that I would like to take a look at. So feel free to send in a ticket about that. Thanks!

May be the balloon had a leak? Lol

@Chodaboy, I wish you could get Elena from the balloon! I wouldn’t mine paying for a guaranteed 5* :rofl:

@Saanzi, OK I think I’ve sent a ticket :slight_smile: My internet is really slow today so either I didn’t send one or I’ve accidentally sent about ten :rofl:

@VR365, I can’t say I’d mourn it if it did :smiling_imp: Nothing worth paying for so far; just 3* troops and 5 emblems. I can get more emblems doing the rare quests.

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I meant there are a lot of people on the forum who would pay to see what’s inside Elena’s chest.

But she’s pretty young - we try not to sexualize her.

@Chodaboy, I was thinking a heart and maybe ribs!

…I’ll see myself out :rofl:

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