Invisible attack

This bug can happen in both PvP and PvE.

Today I was fighting in Raid. One of my hero has low health (blinking red). When opponent finished their attack and I watched them. Their hero didn’t hit my low health hero. All of the sudden, she was dead without damage value on. I thought I might have missed the attack.

Then it happened again later on while I was fighting mobs in PvE. I killed 2 mobs on the right handed side and had 2 left on the left handed side. One of them had very low health (blinking red). Then my match was connected on the right side of the map. Once my combo ended (not hit any mobs), the low health mob all of the sudden died.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Counter attack, Damage over time, Minions
Was there any on the battlefield?


My team doesn’t have any DoT attacker. Yes, my team has a counter guy, but that wouldn’t apply to my situation. In PvP, my guy died without a DoT on, and that was after opponent finish their attacks. In PvE, monster dies right after combo finishes and I don’t have DoT attacker. And no, there were no minion in both cases.

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What about barbarian class?

What about a short video? :smile:

Hmm. What is Barbarian class?

I am playing on my iPhone, so I can’t take video. Also these happened from out of no where. I don’t know how to reproduce, so I wanted to know if it happened to others?

Any hero with this talent
And it has a chance to cause wound

So even if your/their hero doesnt have a damage over time skill their class can still so that without you noticing it got activated

For the PvP battle, can you exactly show the team compositions? Both yours and the opponents?

Ah no. I only have 2 heroes that have talents. One is Scarlett and the other is Li Xiu.

I can’t remember what the other PvP team is now. But my team consists of Melendor, Sonya, Scarlett, Tiburtus, and Li Xiu. Only Scarlett and Li Xiu has talents.

For PvE team, replace Sonya and Tiburtus with Obakan and Boril.

Well, without the full details or screenshot/video, there is nothing much we can help with. Hopefully, you have submitted a support ticket for the incident.

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