Invidual name for every team (1 to 5)

If the actual team is not the defence team, it would be possible to give them a private name.
(Team 2 == “Titankiller“, Team 3 == “Attackteam“,…)

P.s. excuse me for my bad english, i’m german and my last schoolday is long long ago


I think this is a graet idea. I also found out too late that a false team was active when I start titan fight. Costs me arround 4k. Different colours would be grat as well.

Hallo Belgarion34, die Idee ist super und Dein Englisch ebenso :rofl:

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I share this idea, I know at least 4 times Ive gone into pvp with the wrong team since 1.10 update. Love the new tabs but forgot it does not default to your “PVP” team anymore when logging in. I have read somewhere in the forums that it defaults to the first team which happened to be my farming team. Now they are all topped out but not a healer in the bunch and I’m trying to take down a team power that’s 250 more than mine…good news is last battle I took down their last hero while mine had only 23 health left. Was a sweet feeling.

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