Invictus Resurrection - 3 openings - 12 and 13* titans

hy Join Us?

  1. We pride ourselves in building up other good players to catch and even surpass our biggest hitters.
  2. A current steady diet of 12* titans with occasional 13 and 14* (including rares)
  3. Active Discord community with all the help, tips and chatter you could crave

Minimums to Join

  1. Discord (no Discord = No membership)
  2. 100K average Titan Damage
  3. Communication - You must be able to reply to messages and check-in for changes
  4. All 6 War Flags must be used each war
  5. War Bench of at least 30 maxed 4/5* heroes. At least 10 must be 5*s.
  6. 2400 Trophy count
  7. Defense of 4250 tp
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