Are you able to invest money in the game’s developers these days?

Read articles about EQT Ventures, but can’t find them or nothing to do with this game.

It’s a private company. I’m not sure you can invest (yet?)

Even when investing you feel a loss, I have invested much and feel you are making it harder. Creating a package of gems and giving many hard to get things free would make players feel better. Like keeping 10k gems or more for 99.00 but giving for free 1 of each hard to find upgrade item and 1 of each battle item for free would help you get more money. Or even saying you get 10k gems and get to pick 20 of any item or something. Items don’t cost you anything but would get more people to spend more money.

Also making more good offers like Easter had everyday had cheap money and good offers. I bought everyday because the offers where good. This also brings in more money.

I have been spending way to much money and not much in return, if you notice spending has gone down a lot in my account.