Investing in 3* team(s) for ascension materials? (at Mid-Game)


I guess I am a mid-game player:

  • I almost have 3 x 4* Rainbow teams
  • I got a couple of fully ascended 5* heroes
  • I am able to complete all challenges and quests (sometimes with some help of battle items)

My progress, naturally, has stopped - at the “Mat Wall” – the ability to get more ascension items: First to level more 4* to deepen my roster, but also a couple of 5* I’d like to level (I also miss, naturally, very good 5* heroes surely worth leveling - but that’s not the topic here).

My question is this:

  • I have fair 3* red and blue teams. Fair, but not excellent. I overall got 26 fully ascended 3* - which is quite a variety to pick from.
  • I can regularly get to top 25% on raid tournaments. Sometimes top 10%, but sometimes only top 50%.
  • I am able, with items, to get to challenge top 10K - but never to 1K… where more ascension items are available.

Would this be a good investment to build excellent 3* teams? i.e.:

  • Bringing 4 -5 troops of red/blue to level 10 - would cost millions of food (assuming I spend only 1* troops as food); currently I have a couple of level 6 troops (2* oc) on each color.
  • Spending emblems to bring my heroes to 11-18 emblem level (right now they are 0 to 6, depending on the heroes); It seems emblems on 3* have very good ROI.

Would this be a smart investment?

I know that legendary tournaments and challenges have much better loot, but I am far from getting to impressive results, and 5* raid tournaments are rare, in comparison to 3* raid tournaments.

I’ll be happy for any advice + the rationale behind it.
I’m sure many veteran players had walked through this dilemma before.

Thanks in advance!

No, don’t invest a single emblem on any three star. Start working on leveling up 4* heroes and your “player level”. I swear when ever I want more mats - I work on leveling up and those Matt’s seem to come. Tip of the day for 3* tournaments. If you emblem a bunch - you will face a bunch of emblemed teams… just finished tourney in top 1%… not one 3* with an emblem (1 reset of 75 gems)


I only have one emblemed 3*, Nordri at 18, and from day 2 I’m still facing fully embelmed teams.

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I don’t think raid tournaments are really worth it. I take part in those just for the POV and to help fill my raid chest.

My main sources of 3* and 4* mats are mostly from titans, also monsters/raid/titan/war chests, rare quests like farlhome pass.

Also, I approve 100% of what @Texas1970 wrote.

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You said you have 3’s at 6 emblems. From my experience a team of +6 3’s (small investment) should be enough to keep you consistently at 5% and occasionally 1% with a single re-buy.

I wouldn’t go overboard embleming your 3’s. At most maybe 10 3’s at +6 should be enough to cover all eventualities.

While I can see why most late game players with lots of 5’s don’t emblem 3’s - early on you probably won’t have enough emblems to go beyond +3 on a 5-star or perhaps have no good five or four to emblem. Better emblems on a 3-star than sitting unused in your inventory.

And when the time comes that you want to move them to fives, the emblem loss from stripping them from a three is very minimal, even if you don’t want to use a reset token.

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